Do I covet mortally?


My ex fiancee married a man this summer. We have been apart nearly six years. I pray for them daily but it is a struggle. I still miss her a dream of her often, (sick I know). I hope they are doing well. Part of me hopes however, the marriage is annulled, and she comes back. I know this won’t happen. Their marriage I assume, was in the Church. It is such a struggle to will they have a successful marriage. I went to Confession yesterday for different reasons, but as temptation to will their marriage end assailed me this morning, I admitted to myself, yes, I want her back. I feel I need to Confess again. I promised myself, even before our planned wedding that never happened, I would love her always unconditionally. I am having trouble breaking that promise. I am now praying they are both well, but the desire and will to have her back remains. Am I in mortal sin?


I don’t know, Brother, but I am praying that you may find peace.


there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but it would go too far if you think of wanting her in your own bed. I think the distinction lies there, when it would become a sin. I cannot see how it could be a mortal sin if you love someone without a sexual thought. Not even if it is unconditional love. (What’s wrong with pure spiritual love for another being?)The only thing I would worry about if you meet another woman, you end up wanting to marry her, you still love THIS woman more.


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