Do I expose my young children to homosexual aunt and pregnant partner?

I have been struggling very much with this issue for the past three years since my sister-in-law revealed her homosexuality. Now, her partner has conceived a child through artificial insemination via sperm donor. My children are ages 7 and 3-all they know is that their aunt has a very good friend who we have welcomed in our home for holidays and special occasions- to show Christian charity. My children are also very fond of this aunt and friend). I have explained to my sister-in-law that we do not agree with her actions and do not honor her “marriage” but do not judge her as a person. We want to keep peace in the family as my mother-in-law does not want separations in the family. When this child is born, he/she will refer to both of them as “Mom”, and as my children’s cousin. I am desperately seeking spiritual advice as to how to handle this situation. I have already spoken to several priests about this, and have gotten some differerent answers. Some say to stay away, while others say we can have them over and be charitable. Please help. Thank you.

The following link should help you as you discern how to deal with this situation. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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