Do I have a vocation in music?

As far as I can remember, I’ve been into music, mostly in my Protestant years and now Catholic after my conversion. I played the clarinet when I was young, broke my leg, and I started playing my mom’s guitar. She always loved my music, encouraged to keep at it, and she unfortunately passed away. I kept recording music. I’ve been hoping for a career change into a job more meaningful, and it sometimes feels like God is giving me 5 different career paths at the same time. One is teaching, psychology, music in some way, and the priesthood. And maybe a combination of priesthood/deacon and music.

There’s not much Catholic artists that I know in the Christian radio stations, but some have been popping out with good success. One I can think of off the top of my head is Matt Maher. He’s catholic, and he gets a good listening audience on there. I think it’s cool how radio stations are merging all christian faiths.

I always did music as a hobby, but some see me more consistent in music than other areas.

Up til now, I’ve written possibly 200 religious songs (acoustic rock/folk).

Some recent/well-received songs…

Lord, I Need Thee:,-i-need-thee-%5Bworship%5D

On My Mind:

Stronger (Quick draft prototype / new):

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