Do I have an obligation to educate others on Catholic matters?


What, if any, obligation do I have to family or friends to educate on Catholic matters? For instance, if a sister doesn’t know the Churches teaching on say birth control, do I have any obligation to tell her? or a brother who is living with his girlfriend, do I have to say what they are doing is wrong because I think they already know it is wrong. And if I do say something is that judgeing them? Thank you


"Upon all the lay faithful, then, rests the exalted duty of working to assure that each day the divine plan of salvation is further extended to every person, of every era, in every part of the earth…for “the obligation of spreading the faith is imposed on every disciple of Christ, according to his state” (Lumen Gentium 17, 20; 51). “To teach in order to lead others to faith is the task of every preacher and of each believer” (Catechism of the Catholic Church no. 904 St. Thoms Aquinas, Summa Theologica III, 71, 4 ad 3).

It is never permissible to leave a Catholic in a state of ignorance concerning grave matters of faith and morals, for Christ commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature and to teach them “to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:20).

Although it is normal to feel intimidated or uncomfortable when you’re talking about a sensitive moral issue, don’t let a little fear and intimidation stop you from speaking the truth. You have to witness to the truth for their sake. For truth is the most loving gift you can give to anyone. To prepare for such discussions, I recommend you continue to grow in your understanding of the Church’s teachings so you can witness more effectively…and pray.

Here are a few powerful exhortations from Pope Paul VI in *Evangelii Nuntiandi * “Every evangelizer is expected to have a reverence for truth…he never betrays or hides truth out of a desire to please men, in order to astonish or to shock, nor for the sake of originality or a desire to make an impression. He does not refuse truth. He does not obscure revealed truth by being too idle to search for it, or for the same of his own comfort, or out of fear.”

He then asks every evangelizer “to pray about the following thought: men can gain salvation also in other ways, by God’s mercy, even though we do not preach the Gospel to them; but as for us, can we gain salvation if through negligence or fear or shame—what St. Paul called “blushing for the Gospel”[134] —or as a result of false ideas we fail to preach it? For that would be to betray the call of God, who wishes the seed to bear fruit through the voice of the ministers of the Gospel; and it will depend on us whether this grows into trees and produces its full fruit.”

“Do not be afraid! Open, in deed, open wide the doors to Christ!” Pope John Paul II

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