Do i have demonic obsession?

ok, ive tried to post this several times now, and they never approved it, so if it doesnt get approved this time either im going to just leave the forum. i dont feel like typing my entire story again, so im just going sum it up in a few sentences. basically, i have an intense fear of demons and I have constant feelings of dread, prostration, and hopelesness. I know that it resembles OCD/ paranoia, but its something beyond that. many of these feelings im feeling are beyond human, theyre incommunicable. my friend gave me a blesed st benedict cross, and when i wear it the symptoms are managble, but when i take it off, they come back full force. I just cant live like this anymore. the fear is crippling. do i got to a priest? or a charismatic? or am i just mentally ill?

Mental illness is too serious (and insidious) for anyone tod+300iagnose with so little information. As a matter of fact, I believe that even a halfway accurate assessment of mental health isn’t accurate except through a face-to-face consultation with a psychiatric health specialist. I myself have to visit with a psychiatrist at least once a year. It is really most painless an experience.

As to the question of demonic obsession, this is a question for your pastor, confessor, or spiritual director… not laymen on an internet forum.

I’ll remember you in my prayers, that you may find peace and comfort through God’s love.


as I mentioned, when this first started I always felt that it was demonic in nature. although being a rationalist and a skeptic i kept forcing myself to not even consider the possibility of demonic obsession. I identified MOSTLY with OCD and paranoia, but i know mental illness (ive suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life) and these feelings are just so overwhelming. i dont feel the presence of God or the holy spirit. and i cant feel emotions either. i feel an evil presence. the other reason i am certain its a demon is because i used to hang out with this kid who was really into the occult and occult like practices. he seemed to act almost possessed at times. one time i did take part in an occult like act with him. thats when my symptoms began and my life was ruined. i dont even know how to approach a priest with this. and thank you, I need prayers.

I would speak to a priest - even if he feels that some look at demonic oppression is warranted there is going to be a full mental health evaluation anyway so speaking to a priest is not going to hurt anything.

The lines between the occult/mental uillness/Demon activity are noy 100% clearlly defined, except in and by the Holy Spirit, which knows all.
Jesus defined satan as the Father of lies. As such a delusion can be defined as a subtle lie that may even be mixed with some truth, making it more seductive. Various mental illnesses revolve around delusions or Words the the person my feel is not coming from them self. These words or thoughts could be from the sub conscious a unclen spirit or a demon. Note that the word most often used in the "king James version of thye Bible is “unclean spirit” not demon, which was only used about 3 or 4 times?, as I recall. And Obessions and oppressions are much more common and can easily be defined as stricklly a mental illness. They did not have these fancy words, like schizophrenia, bippolar, schizoid- effective and what not when Jesus walked the earth. I feel that many of these illnesses fall under the Oppression/obession unbrella of evil. Not neceassarilly from a demon, but maybe influenced by one in the area. The battleground is still the imagination and mind. delusions can be very seductive and there is often a set of very linear logic that leads a person to be tricked into believing a delusion or unclean spirit as speaking Truth.
Basically any thoughts that lead to cunfusion or anxiety should be put in the garbarge pile or the foot of the cross, where the Holy Spirit will deal with what we can not truly define with any proof, except in our hearts. Discernment between good and evil or what is diabolical is a very long topic.
I heard my mother scream from over 15 miles away, when I was 18. This was later confirmed that she was being attacked at that time. I am 56 now and have experienced some wierd episodes, but the GRACE has held me up. Some of the pits of delusions/spirits that I stepped into where the result of my own vain curiosity. Long story. I hope I did not ramble too much here.
I am not a doctor but for myself small dosges of MEDs have helped.
I also attend a Charismatic deliverence prayer group, about once a month. This keeps the spirit from returning, as my hose is not empty as the Holy Spirit is with us all that have been confirmed. Even if you/we may not always feel it, that’s when we lean on faith beyound the feelings.
There may still be a link with one of the spirits that was around that occult friend. I also suffer from a probable dark tie with a lady I knew at work in 1987. She walked by my desk and says, “I am in you”. I clearlly heard her but I said what did you say. And she justs smiles and walks on. So out of curiosity we saw each other most every day at lunch. I brought her and her husband home to meet my wife, and that did not go well at all. My wife did not like her, but was very cordial. That was the end of that. She said a Spirit used to rip the sheets off her bed and I belive she was looking for a healing cuase she came to a healing service. She also says her mother used to float around the house in her sleep???Long story but this is the short of my experience with the occult. But she really wanted more that I could give her as a married man. Needs may not be evil, but they have messed with many a faimly.


… my dear friend ,

… even if you have mental illness you can still have an obsession , did you know much about demons or obsessions before it started ??? , if so it may be mental , but not always by any stretch of the imagination , given your involvement in the occult you may well have a real problem , you need to tell your priest and he may refer yo to an exorcist to get the devil off your back – a psychiartrist may be called for in this process too , confession is an exorcism you know , go to confession a lot and confess all occult involvement and practises you’ve seen or been involved in – a must this is , this is a link to the best www to get help with this and it’s excellent , you can even get personalised free counselling from people in this field , forums and much info and prayers for battles like this are on there

… i have a very good prayer you can pray for yourself and get others to pray for you from an old post here too

… i’m praying for you dear friend , persevere and take all the help god offers and you will be ok and get through this no doubts at all ,

… may god bless and love you :thumbsup::slight_smile: ,

… john …

God greatly desires serenity for you and for all His children. He desires it far more than even we do.

Begin chattering with God about His desires for you…where He wants - no, needs - you to be available for others in the course of your day. Ask Him for peace - "…only so that I may give myself in assistance to others for the love of You, God. Lord, I need Your peace for a few minutes while I listen to this person…while I hold this door with a smile for this elderly person - while I talk on the phone with my parents - while I say this Hail Mary for renewed health for my cousin Vinny "…etc.

God will give you peace to chatter with Him like this.

Spend more time on the “chatter with God”…with prayer…than with the other things.

Do this and then ask God to help you form a plan for greater interior life, and growth. See a priest, a doctor, or whatever…but in the mean time start the Father-child conversation with God, who is the most personal and gentle Father imaginable.

Please speak to a priest. I hope that he will be able to help you. Mention that you feel this started after you took part in an occult act.

You say that you feel better when you wear the St Benedict’s cross. Then wear it all the time, if that is possible. If it is too large to wear in some situations, then get a small crucifix and ask your priest to bless it. If needs be, you can put it in a pocket, attach it with a safety pin so it doesn’t get lost.

If you are having some problem with demonic obsession (I’m assuming you don’t think it is possession) that does not rule out other problems with OCD or another mental health issue. Ask your priest if he knows of a Catholic psychiatrist in your area.

I will be praying for you. Just remember what St Teresa said about demons, that she could beat them all down with a crucifix in her hand. She said to them that she wasn’t afraid, because God would help her. She also said that people were too focused on crying “The Devil! The Devil!” out of fear, when they could be crying, “God! God!” and making the Devil afraid instead. Take up a crucifix, trust in God and if you feel the presence of evil, call on God, think of Him.

May God bless you.

Before any diocesan-appointed exorcist would be involved, the person suffering from these sort of experiences is fully evaluated by a MD psychiatrist to ensure that it isn’t an actual mental/medical condition that would respond to conventional treatment. A competent psychiatrist would evaluate the progress that a person is making under treatment.

Recall that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is knowledge: Terms such as schizophrenia and hallucinations did not exist a few hundred years ago because humans had not yet developed the sciences. As people began observing such symptoms and developing ways of dealing with them the Holy Spirit allowed them to develop the sciences of the study of the human mind, including psychiatry, neurophysiology, brain imaging, and develop medicines to address these issues, all with the support of the Church. We don’t call people who are hallucinating witches anymore. We treat them with medicine and therapy. And if the medicine doesn’t help, then it’s time to look at possible demonic interference.

Notice I said the Holy Spirit’s influence helped mankind develop the sciences. Satan is a fallen angel, and although he possesses intellect and will, he is in no case more powerful than the Holy Spirit, who, obviously, is God. In other words, Satan’s influence cannot prevail against you if you are willing to cooperate with the will of God and get real help, whether that be standard medical help, spiritual help from the Church, or a combination thereof.

Until you get some more definitive help, I would make an effort to stay away anything that smacks of the preternatural. That would include astrology, psychics, other superstitious practices, Ouija boards, and the like. There is no sense in courting the diabolical by allowing these practices or things to be anywhere around you if you are having trouble distinguishing reality. And don’t forget to say some prayers to St. Dymphna, she is the patron saint of those who struggle with mental or emotional illness.

Discuss this with your parish priest; the internet is a wonderful source of information (some of which can be erroneous,) but it is no place to diagnose or manage distressing and harmful experiences such as you describe. You need individual, one on one attention. And I will say a prayer to St. Dymphna that she inspires you to take action.

God bless.

I think maybe the best thing is to choose a good priest, ask to make an appointment with him to speak about your spiritual life, and then tell him simply what is happening :slight_smile: then he’ll take it from there. You should see a knowledgeable priest… there are some more liberal priests who discount demonic activity to begin with. If you live around a parish that offers the Latin Mass in communion with Rome, you might be interested in seeing a priest there. This could be demonic, or natural, but sometimes even in mental illnesses, the demonic is involved somehow…so it’s not that easy to discern and you’ll need help. Maybe the priest could give you a special blessing and say some prayers over you. The only thing I would also recommend is… if someone prays over you for this, - make sure it’s a priest and not a lay person, as lay people don’t have the same authority over the enemy.

God bless!

Hi, someperson55,

Been there, done that. The best advice I can offer you from my experience is to call up your archdiocese and ask for an exorcist in your area. Some parish priests are very informed about diabolical situations, but most are not. Spare yourself of time wasted and of conflicting answers by going straight to an expert. The exorcist will be able to point you in the right direction- whether it’s a psychological problem or a spiritual one.

I am sorry you are having a frustrating time posting this and as a result, have not been able to give us details, but feel free to PM me if you have more questions. God bless.

Very good post, I was actually going to type along the same lines.


You are in my prayers.

God bless.

Thank you, i will contact a priest. the only reason i havent until now was because, i was embarrassed to be honest. ive always prided myself on being strong, so i felt weak asking for help (especially about a demon), i just pretended there wasnt a problem, but i cannot ignore it anymore. in retrospect, i should have sought help immediately, it would have saved me a lot of needless suffering. also i want to point out, im not possessed, i suffer from demonic obsession. i dont think im possessed because i dont have an aversion to holy objects and i havent had any hallucinations thus far.

Also as a note - the mods on this forum cannot approve a vision or oppression. This has to be done through official Church channels. This is also stated in the forum rules that unapproved visions and such cannot be discussed however the troubles you are having with them certainly can. BTW I think you mean oppression and not obsession.

The terms of demonic obsession, oppression and possession can get really confusing, especially as different denominations mean different things with the same term. For what I have studied, the Catholic terms are defined as follows:

Demonic Oppression- A physical attack upon a person caused by an invisible source. Includes such things as blows, punches, kicks, or scratches by an unseen hand; being pushed down the stairs or thrown against the wall; certain infirmities- such as experienced by the woman in scripture whose back was bent and bowed over (Luke 13: 10-16); various inexplicable health problems. Saints such as St. John Vianney, Padre Pio, St. Margaret Mary, St. Catherine of Siena, etc. have been victims of demonic oppression.

Demonic Obsession- (taken from the book The Rite) has also been called ‘demonic temptation’ and it involves an intense and persistent attack on the mind of the victim. Generally, these attacks include random and obsessive thoughts that, although often absurd, are so intense that the victim is unable to free him-or-her self. Victims feel tormented by a fixation that completely dominates their thoughts. These thoughts can make the victim think he is going insane, which only compounds the feelings of sadness and desperation. As Italian exorcist Francesco Bamonte notes, ‘Some are thoughts and impulses that urge people to harm others; some make people think that only a pact with Satan can get them out of their troubles or bring them success; some are thoughts to profane the Eucharist; others are thoughts to drive one to suicide.’ Often the obsessions affect a person’s dreams, and terrible nightmares are common" (pg 49).

I also really like Jordan Aumann, O.P.'s explanation- he goes into much more detail than I will here. He says obsession occurs “whenever the devil torments a person from without and in a manner so intense that there can be no doubt about his presence and action…the soul is aware of its own vital activity and government of its faculties, but it is at the same time clearly aware of the external activity of Satan, who tries to excert violence on the individual.”

And specifically about internal obsession, he writes, “The attack on the imagination differs from ordinary temptation only by reason of its violence and duration…sometimes it is fixed ideas…at other times it is images and representations that are so vivid that the subject feels that he or she is dealing with concrete reality (ie, that the devil’s hatred is their hatred, etc).” The area of demonic obsession versus a mental illness such as OCD is very, very murky. Oftentimes, the two go hand in hand, which is why it is so important to have an exorcist assist you, along with a psychologist.

Demonic Possession- The devil takes temporary control of the victim’s body, speaking and acting through the victim, often without the victim’s knowledge. Since a lot of information is available about possession, and because that isn’t the OP’s concern, I won’t go further into it.

Demonic harrassment, whatever it’s form, should be considered a spiritual ‘disorder’, so speak, measured on a spectrum scale rather than a concrete diagnosis. Most victims cannot be precisely diagnosed with one of the three, but fall within the shady areas inbetween them.

If there is one thing I can impart to anyone who is thinking they might be suffering from a demonic disorder, it would be that you should never try to diagnose and cure yourself. Ask a learned priest or an exorcist. Many exorcists are surprisingly approachable and will answer emails or questions if one is brief and respectable.

The best resources I have found for for diabolic activity:

The Rite, by Matt Baglio

Spiritual Theology by Jordan Aumann, O.P.

An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Gabriel Amorth

The website Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling- Q and A section of spiritual warfare-

as well the forum for the prayers for spiritual attacks and temptations-

Various Catholic articles on the subject:

Sorry for so much info! I would just rather people take a short cut than go the long way like I had to! :o

I learned something today and I thank you very much.

+1 This was the best post I have seen in days that was posted on this subject matter. I should ear mark this post and refer others to this post when it is needed.

God bless.

I wouldnt take any one’s advice in these forums regarding a diagnoses, the best thing to do is to contact your Diocese, tell them you think your suffering from Diabolic Obsession and you want to be evaluated by a Priest who has knowledge in the area of exorcisms. Here is a website you can learn more about Obessions.

This is an exorcist priest who deals with these things, go under spiritual warfare talks 1-4 under multimedia. Email me if you want to discuss this in further length.

Please speak with a good priest :slight_smile: if you live around a traditional parish such as the FSSP, speak to a priest there because they have holy water that has been exorcised. (just make sure the parish is in communion with Rome). I think if the symptoms become manageable when you wear a St Benedict medal, that might mean it’s demonic… I dont know for sure though. Talk to a priest. And dont’ be afraid, if God is allowing this, (which He is) - that must be for your greater good. Maybe during this time you would grow in your love for God more. Just reject the devil and his temptations no matter what, don’t give in to despair, but have hope in Christ.

Today is the feast day of St Padre Pio. Watch this video about him because it has many great quotes that could encourage you.

God bless!

Thank you, its an interesting website. I just listened to the guy’s speech on demons. although i dont want to believe it. yes i am planning to contact my parish, this may seem silly, but im also embarrassed. i live in a small community so the priests all know me personally. and im afraid that word may get out, and im afraid of what people will think of me that im “going to the priest to get rid of a demon”. everyone will probably think im some sort of evil person. but nonetheless, however things cannot go on the way they are, so i am definitely taking care of it. although im also trying to be discreet.

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