Do I have the right to call myself Catholic?

I started attending mass around 2 weeks ago and before that had gone occasionally. I fervently believe in the Creed of the Catholic Church and most of the doctrine the Church teaches bar probably 3 exceptions.

I missed mass today (Remembrance Sunday) in the UK and didn’t feel bad at all but I began wondering: Do I have the right to call myself Catholic?

I’ve done my baptism and 1st Holy Communion but have never really gone to mass regularly and don’t really have any plans to. All my family are Catholic (1/2 Irish, 1/2 English). I just really want to know am I a good Catholic and do I have the right to call myself one?

All persons baptized in the Catholic Church are considered Catholic. And the general principle of canon law is: once a Catholic, always a Catholic. So, yes you are a Catholic. How “good” of a Catholic you are is up to you…

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