Do I have the rigt to ask a priest if he affirms Church teaching in public?


I asked a popular priest in a public forum if he affirmed certain teachings of the Church such as teachings on homosexual activity, contraception, women’s ordination, etc… He did not answer and actually deleted the question very quickly. He’s been asked these types of questions before and they always go unanswered, except rarely he may say something like “the Church is very clear on these issues” but he will never say that the Church is correct. When I asked him why he deleted my question, this was his response:

“Because I don’t like being questioned about my fidelity to the church. Unless you’re my religious superior or my ordinary you don’t get to do that.”

My question is; Do I get to do that? Do I have the right to publicly ask a priest if he affirms the teachings of the church and does he have an obligation to answer honestly?


Dear friend,

Certainly, you do! As a priest, he is a public person, Moreover, he is a priest of Jesus Christ and has the obligation to give public witness to his faith. This is all that you are asking him to do.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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