Do I have this right

Any christian sect without the real presence ( latin rite catholic, and orthodox/eastern) will either someday merge with rome, cease to remain christian, or else fade and crumble due to continued division.

Might be awhile.

Well, as a practical matter, it does seem to be observable. Sola scriptura = entropy.

It depends if the person is invisibly ignorant of Scripture and Church. Some people don’t believe in the Real Presence because how they were taught and may be stuck in there ways. We cannot fault them on that because they are trying to be closer to God like we are. However, if they know the truth and still don’t want to recognize it, there will be consequences. Only God knows the answer to your question because He knows people hearts.

Aren’t Latin-rite Catholics in communion with Rome?

This is a very interesting concept. Could expound for me? You are welcome to do it by private message since it may take this thread on a tangent. Believe me, this is not some surreptitious way to challenge your premise. I just want to learn. Thanks in advance.


IMO, if you use only the Bible as a basis for your faith and ignore the Church history and teachings, you can take verses out of context, say the church you attend is wrong, and then start your own church. This has happened time and again. It seems many people are more interested in finding a church they agree with than they are in learning the truth. Some thoughts or opinions you once had often turn out to be false; if you open your mind you will be able to see this.

Sola scriptura, using the individual ego as the moral and interpretive guide, leads to disintegration rather than integration. Here is the quick definition of entropy from my on-board dictionary. You can see how the term applies, at least in a practical sense.

Yes, that’s what I thought. Though the OP seems to think differently :shrug:

By the real presence do you mean the Eucharist? If so then the Eastern Orthodox Churches do have this. If you mean something else could you be more specific.

Also Latin rite Catholic is simply another way of refering to the majority of Catholics who make up the Church which is in turn made up of 23 sui juris Churches. So saying Latin rite Catholics lack the real presence is…oddd.

I just don’t see a whole lot of “merge with rome” activity going on. I don’t expect that the anti-Rome, or even anti-real presence snowball will start decreasing in size.

cease to remain christian

already happening

or else fade and crumble due to continued division.

Yes, they will contracept themselves into oblivion.

The Latin Rite or Latin Church is the majority rite (in the sense of “church”, not of “liturgical tradition”) or particular church within the Catholic Church. The Latin Rite is one of the 23 sui iuris particular churches within the Catholic Church; the other 22 are known as Eastern Catholic Churches. This particular church developed in Western Europe and North Africa, where, from classical antiquity to the Renaissance, Latin was the principal language of education and culture, and so also of the liturgy.

In other words the vast majority of Catholics in full communion with Rome. Eg most Irish Catholics, English Catholics, French Catholics etc.

Those are in parentheses because I have excluded them from the group I refer to. Latin rite yes, eastern, not yet. But still have the real presence.

I guess I should have known to be a little more specific. First of all, I do not adhere to sola scriptura. It is a wholly and completely untentable belief. I came to that conclusion when I was ten years old. I am a cradle Catholic, BTW. Secondly, I know the definition of entropy. I could and did very easily understand and maybe even agree with your position that adherence to sola scriptura leads to entropy and a whole host of other evils. What I was interested in hearing from you is the logic by which you arrived at your conclusion. Specifically, how does an adherence to sola scriptura result in entropy? I think this could be examined on many levels. Sola scriptura results in entropy of the Church meaning the Catholic Church specifically or Christianity in general. It could result in entropy in ones’ spritual life meaning our personal relationship with Christ. I have no problem with the conclusion. I just want to see your reasoning as to the process by which sola scriptura results in the said entropy.

I appreciate the joy lecturing me on the evils of sola scriptura must bring you, but it’s like preaching to the choir. I’m sold. Been sold for a long time. I am really looking forward to your explanation. I find the assertion quite fascinating.

Not necessarily. Protestant sects without the Real Presence of Christ in their Eucharists have been around for over 500 years. I guess it depends on how long of a time horizon you ascribe to “someday”.

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