Do I have to be baptized again?

I have been a practicing Catholic all my life. However, four years ago I was befriended by some Latter-Day Saints and baptized into their church. I didn’t really believe with what they taught but just went along with the baptism so that they would remain my friends.

These Mormon friends had to return back to their prospective countries: Bulgaria, Ireland, and the USA. Afterwards, I returned back to my faith and to attending Mass.

My question is: Am I still a Catholic? Or do I have to be baptized again?

Baptism is a sacrament that can only be given once. That means that your original baptism was the only baptism that actually occurred. Your LDS baptism was not valid.

The way to reconcile with the Church is to go to confession, including in your confession your LDS baptism and membership. Once you have received the sacrament of reconciliation, you will be able to fully participate in the Church again. God bless.

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