Do I have to be confirmed Catholic before I can marry a Catholic?

I recently got engaged and my fiancee wants to be married in a Catholic church. I was baptized Catholic but confirmed Methodist. She talked to the priest at the church that she wants to be married in, and he said that I would need to become confirmed before being married in the Catholic Church. Is this true of all Catholic churches? Also, what is the process for Catholic confirmation? Are there classes? Study groups? How long does it take? Any information would be great.

Your personal religious affiliation is unclear from your question, as it was posed. If you are currently a Methodist, you do not need to be confirmed Catholic in order to marry a Catholic. All that needs to be done is for your fiancee to obtain a dispensation from her bishop to marry a non-Catholic Christian.

If you have returned to the Church, the Church strongly encourages Catholics to receive Catholic confirmation before marriage. Since marriage preparation ordinarily lasts at least six months, you should be able to be confirmed before your wedding. Your priest can give you the information you need about where in your diocese you can receive the religious instruction required to be confirmed.

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