Do I Have to be in a state of Grace to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular?

Do I?


But since a priest will enroll you, it does no harm to ask him if you can confess beforehand or right afterwards :wink:

Absolutely! No time like the present to deal with mortal sin! :thumbsup:

I had a question recently on the brown scapular and this quote.

"Conferral with the scapular indicates a special devotion and consecration to Mary. No one should undertake it who is not spiritual prepared to live in accordance with it. "

you can see the thread here.

You might ask a priest about. It seems like a serious step to consecrate yourself to the Blessed Mother, but I don’t know.

I got a miraculous medal and will wear that for a while.

Interesting discussion though.

It is a serious step, but only the second of three degrees of devotion, the first one being the simple honor given to Our Lady and the third (and highest) being the Total Consecration in the manner taught by S. Louis de Montfort (though it is not his work, since he simply presents it in a concise work, “Treatise on the true devotion”).

Everyone should long for being invested in the Scapular, not without first learning a bit about it, obviously :thumbsup:

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