Do I have to contact my ex myself for an annulment?


I am a lapsed catholic going through RCIA.
In order to participate in Scaraments, me & my husband must be re-married in the Church.
I just found out I need an annulment.
(my ex & I who were not church-goers of any kind, were married in a Presbytarian church)

He filed for divorce, I didn’t dipute.
In being in the current relationship, i can look back & see now that I should have never married my ex.
The whole relationship was screwy.

Anyway…i heard I may need witnesses…?
I really don’t want to talk to/contact my ex.
Do i have to?


Dear Smilen,

Your ex does have to be contacted by the marriage tribunal. If he chooses not to respond or cooperate, the annulment process will still go on. You do not have to have contact with him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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