Do I have to go back to confession over a suggestive remark?

I recently went to confession today and while I gave a tour of a building to a friend who’s never been there before he told me “you really took my [building name] virginity, and I mean it in the most non-sexual way.” I found it an awkward statement so I went over it in my mind to see how I should respond. I ended up not laughing because I never found it funny but I said “Okay” because I understood what he meant by the statement, cause he’s never visited the building, but I’m sitting here in class worried I cannot receive our lord at mass this evening because I think I should of said something else. Help me someone! Is this mortally sinful? To respond to such a suggestive comment I thought I did the right thing but I can be scrupulos about my decisions at times. This worries me very much I was looking foward to mass tonight but I’d rather honour our Lord than receive unworthily it that’s the case.

If you’re scrupulous you should probably seek help from your priest not from websites.

But seriously, you think you might have sinned mortally because of something someone else said?

What sin do you feel you might have committed?

The more I type the more silly what I’m thinking sounds, but causing scandal would be what I thought letting a remark like that go would do. I don’t feel as responsible anymore, I figure it is not something I had any control over.

Let it go. I see zero sin in this situation. As a matter of fact, I think you probably said the best thing you could have, considering the abruptness of that very odd statement made by the other person.

This. :thumbsup:

At most, mention it simply at your next confession, for even if it is/was a sin, it was not grave matter, you did not know it was grave, and you did not choose knowingly to sin.

Either control those scruples, or they control you.

He meant that you gave him lots of info about the building that he had no idea about.
Let it go. You’re being scrupulous. Don’t let it get ahold of you, or you will have loads of problems. People use metaphors. They are not sinful.

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