Do I have to go to Mass on a bad foot?


Hi everyone. Do I have to go to Mass on a bad foot? My foot has been causing me some pretty severe pain to the point of it being excruciating at times and I was just wondering if I am still obligated to go to Mass or not? I can’t drive so I am dependent on someone taking me if I do go. Would I be committing a mortal sin if I miss Mass? :shrug::confused:


Nah, leave a message on your parish’s answering machine asking if someone could come and anoint you and bring you the Eucharist since you probably won’t be able to make it to Mass.


Ok, I have already done this. :slight_smile: Thanks Eucharisted! :thumbsup:


Well everyone, I left a message on my parish’s answering machine asking for someone to bring me the Eucharist and for a priest to come and anoint me but nobody ever showed up. :frowning: I did not make it to Mass and I wish I had gone. But honestly, I don’t think I committed a mortal sin because I had no way to drive there and I don’t know if anyone would have taken me. Also, I am not sure I would have been able to stand and kneel and walk so much.


Are you able to do other things. For example, do you go out to stores, to the movies, to dinner, to visit friends? If you can do those things then you really can go to mass. We have many people at mass with trouble walking or with other ailments who do come. We have several parishioners who look like they are in terrible pain just walking to their pew from the door. They sit the entire time at mass and communion is brought to them by the priest or EMHC.

Please don’t think I am negating your malady or saying you are not in pain, but sometimes people use things like this as an excuse not to go to mass. We had one woman demanding that we bring her communion but then the EMHC would see her in town, at the cafe, the craft fair, and other places. She could get there but not to Mass? Several times the EMHC showed up at her home and she was not there, even though she made an appointment.

If you are truly incapacitated by your injury or illness then someone should be coming to your home to bring you communion. It may not always be possible on a Sunday but at least once during the week. Call the pairish again and ask to speak to the person in charge of assigning homebound EMHCs. That person can also make arrangements for a priest to come for an anointing. In our parish people go through Parish Social Ministry to arrange for a homebound visit. They also arrange for rides for people who cannot drive to church. If you can’t go to Mass on Sunday you should at least try to watch one on TV or spent an hour in prayer or scripture/spiritual reading.


Hi Joannm. I cannot go anywhere without someone driving me. Also, I still walk with great difficulty so even checking my mail is difficult. I did not want to bother my grandma with asking her if she could take me to mass or not so I didn’t bother her with it. Instead, I just called my parish and asked for a priest to come and anoint me and bring me Holy Communion. This has not happened… yet. I don’t even know if they got the message because nobody lives at the rectory now and I have no idea how often they check their messages.

That said, I also did not watch Mass on EWTN or any other channel yesterday. I wish that I had but I did not. I was asleep most of the day yesterday. :blush:


One time, several months ago, I didn’t go to Mass because I was experiencing a very embarassing medical condition which sort of incapacitated me, and I was feeling sorry for myself due to sin. I took this to confession, and my pastor explained that it sounded as if I had ambivalent motives. He didn’t say if it was a sin or not. Regardless, it doesn’t sound as if you had ambivalent motives, and it definitely sounds as if you’re pretty much incapacitated - so, don’t worry your little head! Hopefully, though, someone will drop by in order to let you receive the Blessed Sacrament.


Holly, I understand you.

I’ve had such terrific attacks of gout that I would have to stay in bed, or at least with my foot or knee elevated.

I would think that great pain or severely hampered locomotion would be legitimate reasons not to attend Sunday mass.


Ok, thanks everyone. I am going to try to make it to Mass this coming weekend if at all possible. :slight_smile:


Well, I tried to call my spiritual director just now but apparently he is out of the office for Memorial Day. The office is usually open until 8 PM. I’ll try again tomorrow. Please pray that I would be able to get him to come to my apartment so I can go to confession and receive the Eucharist.


When you are able to get back to Mass and if your foot is not completely healed, I hope you have a surgical shoe to wear?

I mention this because one summer I had to go to Mass while recovering from three fractured toes. When I wore the surgical shoe, people were very kind and patient about how slowly I walked and the trouble I had getting through doors. When I didn’t wear the surgical shoe, people would get all impatient almost to the point of pushing and shoving. Appearances matter, so if you’re in physical need of patience due to injury … it helps to make it obvious to other people.

Hope you will feel better quickly!

~~ the phoenix


Yeah I am going to wear my surgical shoe for as long as I have the dressing on my foot which is for 10 days since the surgery. :slight_smile:


Good for you. And please take it easy when you go back to normal footwear! :slight_smile:
(I was not the best patient so it took me forever to heal … ) :rolleyes:

~~ the phoenix


Oh don’t worry The Phoenix. I will take it easy. I have to take it easy or else I just cause myself extra pain. ;):o


Yes… make sure you keep the surgical shoe on for as long as you need to… I had knee surgery this past December, and though I did not need the cane past the first couple of days, I still used it a couple of weeks afterwards, so I could prop it next to my leg when I was sitting in the pew (hoping if there were any accidental bumps, people would hit the cane before they would hit my knee), and so people would be patient with me because I was pretty slow for a few weeks afterwards.

Prayers for your quick recovery!



Ah yeah. Thank you for your advice E. :slight_smile:


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