Do I have to honour my parents in this case?


I am 19, a university student, and live under my parents roof. My parents have told me as a general rule that I cannot date until I have finished my four years at university and get a job, after which I can only *begin * to date. Though I understand that they want the best for me, this type of rule seems to be very hard. Would it be a sin for me to not heed my parents and date behind their back? (I actually feel disgusting saying that but I would like to know)



Dear Un,

Even though you are living under your parents’ roof and even though they may be paying for your education, they do not have the right to forbid you from doing something as good and natural as dating. It is a necessary part of vocation discernment.

At nineteen, whether you date or not is not really their business. You and they are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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