Do I have to say my sins before last confession if the priest tells me to do it latter?

I Tommorow I have to go to confession to confess recent sins. However, we are obligated to that sins we have forgotten to tell in last confession. I some details that I haven’t confessed, maybe even separate sins… Confessor is, however, maybe going to say that I don’t have to do it tommorow, but that I should do it latter since during Advent, there are many people waiting for confession. Is it OK if I do so?

I can normally do a confession in about 5 minutes, because I just go down the list of mortal sins, number of times committed.

If one keeps a confession thorough and complete but extremely brief, tagging on a few extra seconds, or one minute, shouldn’t much matter one way or the other. I go armed with a list and widdle it down to a point I can give all that information, be both quick and complete.

Here are some samples of an Examination of Conscience.

If it’s based on the 10 Commandments, I go down a list…1-10…number of times, approximately, estimating to the best of my recollection.

I used to do lengthy confessions, but I’ve found that most priests are terribly busy. One leveled with me once, told me he had been working 14 hr days! So, I have since learned to do a brief confession out of consideration, both to the priest, AND those waiting to confess, so they can confess, too.

I don’t give detail, unless a priest asks. I’ve had 2 priests compliment me on my confessions. One time, I did a general confession after being away from the Church for about 10 years. He complimented me on my thoroughness.

I had a priest in Mexico who complimented me on having a “simple” confession, thanked me, actually!

God bless you! :thumbsup:

If you remember after your last Confession sins you forgot to confess they are still forgiven but they must be confessed at the next Confession. You cannot skip that to a later Confession.

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