Do I have to tell the coach?

Last week I got an excruciating pain in my arm (last time I got it was back around October and November), and last time I got it my doctor told me it was probably tendinitis, so he told me to rest it and drink electrolytes and that’s what I did, but now I got it back last week so what I did was I rested on Monday but I told my wrestling coach that I wasn’t feeling well, I felt like I lied to him, because I felt like I could still go to practice but just kinda wimped out:(, I understand that when someone confesses a lie in the confessional they have to repair that lie by telling the person the truth, is this true in all cases? Do I have to tell my coach the exact truth? If I do he will get very mad and will probably embarrass me in front of the whole team.(he does that to us a lot):frowning:

Should you be wrestling at all if you’ve got tendonitis? If you wrestle, will this also come back? This might be a chronic problem.

I’m also sorry you have a coach like that. I’m concerned about your health, because I’ve had tendonitis, and arthritis. Tendonitis is often caused by overdoing it in some way or other. Whatever you were doing was probably too much. If you overdo it, it very well may come back. Take care of your body before any other consideration.

It doesn’t sound like your coach will care about your body, so you have to take care of yourself. I’m sorry you have a coach who will try to humilliate you like that.

Is this a gym class or did you choose to be in wrestling?

At this moment, I’m more concerned that you’re in a situation where your health could be damaged, and people around may not even care!

It’s not about the tendinitis, it’s about weather or not I have to tell the coach, i’m concerned because I know lying is a sin, though this is probably not grave matter, do I still have to tell my coach, or am I just being scrupulous?

Having a hurt arm is “not feeling well”. No reason to subject yourself to a jerk and public humiliation.

If you had excruciating pain then you did not lie about not feeling well. The answer may have been vague but does not constitute a lie.

This would be a question to ask the priest in Confession. I would not say that it is true that you have to tell the person you lied to the complete truth in every circumstance in order to make reparation.

In your case, it doesn’t even seem like you lied to him. If you’re having arm problems, saying you don’t feel well seems perfectly acceptable to me. :shrug: You don’t owe him your complete medical history.

Telling the truth is not the same as being on the witness stand.

When on the witness stand, telling only part of the story, like you did, would be a lie.

But when talking to others, who aren’t owed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it is okay to only give what you need to, to get your point across.

So, when your coach asks you why you aren’t participating, “I’m not feeling well,” “my doctor told me not to play,” or “I have tendinitis and the doctor told me to rest. I feel much better and probably could practice, but I am listening to my doctor,” are all acceptable responses.

Edited to add:
Last week I told my priest, yes, my priest, that I wasn’t feeling well and that the doctor told me to keep my feet up.

What I didn’t tell him was that it was my GYN and that it had to do with my period.

I didn’t lie. *I simply kept private information, private. *

If your arm is hurting from tendinitis then in essence you are not feeling well for practice. You need to go back to your dr, tell him that you are on the wrestling team and see from the dr’s opinion if you can continue or when you should not practice and play. Then get a note from the dr about your situation for your coach and go from there. You will find that there is all kinds of coaches but in reality if there is a medical reason of why or why not in participation in a sport, that needs to come from the Dr and that is the person you should be communicating with about your situation.

What I’m wondering about is why your doctor told you to drink electrolytes for tendinitis. I’ll have to Google that. I’ve had tendinitis and never saw electrolytes mentioned as a treatment.

First thing that strikes me here is you told your coach you were not feeling well when your arm was hurting.

I am not certain I see a lie there.

But you obviously feel bad about it, so you should discuss with your confessor.

If he agrees with your feeling and there was a lie, then accept it and take the consequences.
But he may not see it that way.

Yes. And if the coach is immature, and doesn’t take it seriously, talk to the AD.

I’m currently suffering tennis elbow, about seven months on now. and damages can take a real toll on you.

I remember a few years back, having a beer at a Local Establishment, with some high school friends and acquaintances. We told war stories. Just about all of us had ongoing pains, pulls, etc., leftover from the Days of High School Heroism. Not worth it; get healed.

Hi young lad,
I wouldn’t tell him, but listen up now, this is important:
If YOU feel bad about what you did (which was not to mention in m opinion), approach your coach and tell him, but tell him also why you did and tell him afterwards you are sorry.
You will clean your mind AND you will get self-respect. Are you afraid he would go mad ? You are a wrestler boy, what is the worst he could do?
Taking responsibility is one of the key factors that separate men from boys.
Go there, take his ranting like a man, you will be surprised how good you will handle it.

try to rest your arm as much as possible when you’re not playing. massage the forearm, wrist, and elbow, because the muscles involved in those areas are all responsible for tennis elbow/elbow tendonitis issues. if you want a supplement try fish oil to reduce inflammation and something like Elbow Revive, which is a mixture of nutrients designed to repair joints. Don’t play if you think you’ll hurt yourself further. Unfortunately, rest is usually the best thing you can do for tendonitis and tendonosis. Prayers for you.

No. You do not have to tell the coach. Not “feeling well” is a vague excuse to miss practice and if the coach wanted details he could have asked you for more information, or a doctor’s excuse, but he didn’t. If you are really, really bugged by this question, then bring it up the next time you go to confession.

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