Do I hear a calling?

I’ve been discussing with an auxiliary bishop of my diocese the possibilities of becoming a Priest. First our conversation started as I am not yet confirmed and would have to be for at least five years. Then I explained to him I know I’m meant for this. I wouldn’t think about being a priest so much if I didn’t want to be. I’ve made drastic changes in my life and would love to get even closer to God. I also would love to be a leader for those to trust and confide in when it comes to living to the gospel. Now the auxiliary bishop has listened to me and said we can talk about the exception to waiting five years later on. Are there exceptions sometimes? And if so, what is a true quality if someone ready for the seminary? Celibacy and chastity of course I know are qualities and I already am very much so practicing both.


A major quality that a perspective seminarian must have is the maturity to be able to wait for things as the Lord requests. Our Lady had to wait to learn how her not being married and being with child would all work out. She waited trustingly and the Lord worked it out in His own time.

If the Lord wants to make an exception for you, as He did with Saint Therese, He will do it in His own time. Our vocations, whatever they are, are all about Him. Spend frequent, if not daily, time with Him before the tabernacle. This is a good habit to start right now; one that can greatly assist you for a life of priestly ministry. I have been a priest for forty-six years and all my preaching, etc. derives from my daily hour with Him. As with Pope Saint John Paul XXIII, it along with Mass, is the high point of my day.

You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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