Do I Just Let Her Go?

I have a friend, who shall be referred to as E She was my friend for about 13 years She’s been through everything with me. But in October, a mutual friend of that time, fell out with me. The mutual friend was older than me, about 50, E is 29, and I am 19. The age didn’t matter beceause tbh they were just like members of the family. Anyway… the mutual friend then caused E to stop speaking to me, and I have no idea why. At Christmas, the mutual friend made me leave the choir we were all in, and since then I’ve tried to get in touch with E.

I’m a devout Anglican, and E is also of Anglican faith - her dad is a priest - I desperately want to get in touch but it’s clear she doesn’t want to talk to me. All my msgs have been unreturned, and today she deleted my children’s memorial page from her myspace friends.

Is that it?

I thought 13 years was worth more than that.

Do I just let her go?:frowning:

It’s not like you have any choice. Whatever has set off the mutual friend set off E.

You can pray, you can seek some counseling to learn to deal with this, you can read books about this sort of thing. You can give it some time, more than since October.

I know it probably doesn’t help your hurt, but you are 19. 19 minus 13, last time I checked, was 6. You have been friends since you were six years old. Maybe it’s time to get some new friends, friends more in keeping with your present life than primary school. :console:

I have no idea why you had to quit the choir, but if your voice is any good, I hear there are more choirs in the UK, and that Anglicans do a nice job of music in their parishes. Perhaps it is time to start looking for one.

I don’t think there is much you can do except just that: let her go. I know your heart is breaking over the loss of someone who was so dear to you for so long. If this mutual ex-friend is so vindictive as to try to set people against you because of your falling-out, it’s just a matter of time before she will turn on E. Trust me, I know that type, and sooner or later E will get burned by her, too. Maybe then E will reconsider and try to reconcile with you, but maybe not. Keep E in your prayers, but move on and try to put this behind you. :console: I’ll say a prayer for you.

What a reminder of the harm gossip can do.:frowning: I’m so sorry this happened. I’d let her go and pray, as others are saying. Losing a childhood friend rips your heart out, doesn’t it? Just take care of yourself and let the Lord heal you. Don’t chase her. Just wait and let your example draw her back if she’s ready.

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