Do I need a priest's permission to be exempt from the Ash Wed fast?

Hi there,

I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and some kind of depression, and if I don’t eat regurally, there is danger of me passing out during one of my attacks. Do I need a priest’s permission to be exempt from the fast? Should I find another way to sacrifice that day?

God bless!

No, you don’t need a dispensation, as you are ill.

Yes, find another penance which is meaningful for you.

The fast does not mean bread and water.
You can eat three meals. One normal sized meal and two others which together should not exceed a normal meal.
If you have a genuine medical condition which requires you to eat more than that then your fast obligation is dispensed with but you can find other ways to make sacrifices.

God bless you Jeanne. God grant you healing and peace.

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