Do I need a Spiritual Director at this point in time

I am trying to enter into a good discernment process, my prayer time is sparatic at the moment, but it is getting better. I have emailed a local priest on questions i have had and he has been helpful , I am returning to college next month, after dropping out around 2 yrs ago, as a first step or additional step in my discernment process… In that I need to finish what I start, and if I can not finish this how can i expect to be successful in progressing into a vocation which would require a masters degree.

On top of that my Mother is going into surgery next month, right smack in the middle of me returning to college, so I will have my hands full on top of trying to have a more active prayer life/ and discernment process…

so my question is, at what point do I say I am ready for a Spiritual Director ?

On one hand I am thinking now would be the perfect time to ask this priest i have been conversing with to be my S.D , because I have so much coming up and there is so much on the line to me…


Should I wait a bit more, focus more on actively praying more often, attending adoration and daily mass, work on getting through my mothers upcoming surgery and give myself a chance with returning to college, before asking for a Spiritual Director ?

On top of that my Deacon finally returned my call and will be training me in May to be a Eucharistic Minister, rather excited about that, even with a full plate ahead of me, but feel this is going to be something to help me in my discernment and be more active in faith.

So to sum it up even shorter, at what point do I need to seek a Spiritual Director in my discernment process .

I can’t really give you an educated or experienced answer on when you should be seeking direction, as I’m going through my own vocational discernment right now and don’t yet have a director of my own.

Though it does sound as though life is going to be getting quite busy for you. In the time of my own discernment, I’ve learnt that while furthering an understanding of true vocation and calling is important, it should not take over or compromise other duties or areas of your life. You even say that you expect to have a full plate.

It may be best for you to keep speaking with the priest, but don’t let your duties and other areas of life be overshadowed. You want to cause yourself the least stress and the greatest joy, so try and act in a way that will bring this about.

God bless.

It sounds like you need to concentrate more intensely on time management right now in order to balance all the things that you are jumping into – as well as dealing with your Mother’s surgery and going back to college.

Perhaps you are trying to do too much too soon?

Spiritual direction is not just for those in the discernment process.
I have been in regular spiritual direction for the past 5 years and it has made a world of difference in my faith journey.

My SD is a priest, who is also my confessor, and he has helped me to see where God is working in my life, and where I am working against God.

IMHO, every Catholic can benefit from spiritual direction, no matter where they are on the journey.

Thank you all for your input I will keep everything into consideration .

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