Do I need a Spiritual Director?


I am presently discerning my vocation and I have seen many threads that mention Spiritual Directors, so my question is ‘Do I need an SD and how will I know when the time is right to find one?’

Many thanks in advance for your help and advice :slight_smile:


I think everybody should have Spiritual Director


Pray for a spiritual director. If God wishes to give you such a gift, He shall.

Do not worry over disappointments and discouragments, for as Jesus says:

When boredom and discouragement beat against your heart, run away from yourself and hide in My heart. Do not fear struggle; courage itself often intimidates temptations, and they dare not attack us. Always fight with the deep conviction that I am with you. Do not be guided by feeling, because it is not always under control; but all merit lies in the will…Do not be unduly fearful because you are not alone. (Divine Mercy In My Soul, 1760)


Having a spiritual director is a good thing even if you were not discerning a vocation. Especially if someone is discerning something that important, one can use all the guidance one can get.


*There are many thoughts on Spiritual Direction.
Some seek a Spiritual Director only if discerning religious life.

Others seek a spiritual director to deepen their personal walk with the Lord regardless of what state of life they are called to.

It is entirely up to you as to when or if you need one. Many won’t be without one.

I believe there are posts on this forum re spiritual directors:

Some other links that might be helpful are:

  1. The book "seeking spiritual direction"
    Thomas Dubay S.M.


  1. If you are considering religious life? Your vocations director in your Diocese will have a list of Spiritual Directors in your area.



Thank you all for your help and advice :slight_smile:


Our soul is the deep connection with God and the experience that shows us the presence and power of pure consciousness everywhere around us. The soul knows that we are a part of God that there is one life, the life of God and that life is ours. The soul gives us oneness with the blissful qualities of guidance and inspiration, and it inspires and gives us a clear sense of inner peace and guidance. We are not separate from our soul; we are the soul. This great unity, this oneness with God is greater than the five layers of the mind and is the source and originator of everything around us. In evolution the processes unfold with order and constancy, giving evidence of a guiding consciousness within life so by recognizing the presence of this guidance we see the creative power of God in us and in nature.

Pray and continue your practice and teachers appear when needed. They appear in books, movies, music, people and flowers.


Here are a great series of blog posts on Spiritual Direction:

I second the recommendation of Father Dubay’s book.

God bless.


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Definitely. :slight_smile: You can contact your pastor or your diocese’s vocation director and ask for the list of spiritual director. Select one and set up a meeting with that person. After few visits, if you think that person might be a good one for you, continue with him/her. If not, just let the person know and go look for another one. They won’t be hurt by that.

Pray for a S.D.


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