Do I need an annulment?


I am not considering marriage at this time, I ask this question in preparation of the day that I might.

I was married in in the church to a catholic, in 1993, divorced in 2000, and received an annulment from my diocese in 2001. Two children produced.

I subsequently married again, to a non-Catholic, in a civil ceremony (outside of the church) in late 2002, and received a divorce from this second marriage in 2003. There were no children of this marriage.

Question: Since the second marriage was outside of the church, to a non-Catholic, and not recognized by the church, there is no need for an annulment, correct ? The only thing I need do, if I pursue marriage one day in the future, is confess my sin to a priest in confession, correct ?

Please advise,

The following links should help answer your questions about annulments. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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