Do I need marriage convalidation as a new Catholic?

Hello. I’m hoping to join the Catholic Church soon, I was baptised Anglican which I was told by the Priest is deemed valid. I was married 12 years ago to my wife long before I was called to His church. This is my only marriage, we have children and are still happily married. If I enter the Church, do I need to have my marriage convalidated or blessed before I can receive communion for the first time? My wife isn’t baptised in anything and has no intention of ever joining a church … any church … but is happy to take part in a blessing so I may fully join the Church. Thanks in advance for your answers. God Bless

No, you do not need your marriage convalidated in the Church. You have a valid marriage.

Only Catholics are bound by canon law. Consent makes marriage, therefore when you exchanged vows with your wife you entered into a valid marriage.

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