Do i need to clarify?

so on Friday, I got a phone call during class from my best friend saying she was going to the emergency room.

I then tracked down my teacher and told her and asked if I could leave class early to go to the hospital which she said was fine. my teacher asked me if I had contacted my dad, which I thought was a bit of a weird question at the time.

anyways, I got an email from her today asking how my mom was doing. so I guess she misunderstood that it was my friend and not my mom

do I need to clear up the misunderstanding or just leave it? I obviously did not intend to mislead her, it’s just that the word for mom and the word for best in French are fairly similar and I was talking pretty fast so she probably just misheard.

I’m just worried she might think I made it sound more serious then it was, I don’t really know

It doesn’t matter in the least. If she brings it up again, then clarify it then. If not leave it be. It’s that simple. No worries and CERTAINLY no sin here. Please be a peace and see your spiritual director. You are going to make yourself sick you have been worrying way too much lately. Please be at peace and see your priest and counselor ASAP!


Only if she brings it up in class…like a ‘how’s your mom?’

I would simply reply in an e-mail that it was your best friend who had gone to the emergency room - not your mother and tell her how the friend is and thank her for letting you leave class early to go check on your friend.

yeah, that might be the best idea. I need to send her an assignment by email anyways, which was also something she was asking about

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