Do I need to confess getting "tipsy"?


I was cooking a meal and hadn’t eaten for about 5 hours and was thirsty so I had a bottle of strawberry cider, it pours out to two glasses (or 1.6 standard drinks Australian measurement) I don’t drink often, and felt it affected me, kind of ‘tipsy’.
I didn’t drink anything else and ate soon after but I feel bad that I was perhaps drunk, I didn’t mean to be but wondering now if I should confess this.
My priest would laugh at me I know because he enjoys a few wines now and then but I just feel bad for bring affected by the alcohol.
Do I need to go to confession?
(I’m a new Catholic so this is why I’m asking)



Tipsy is never considered grave matter. And if you didn’t mean to do it, it doesn’t matter how drunk anyway, there’s no mortal sin without intent.

Crikey…if 1.6 standards drinks was sufficient to cut you off from God’s graces, I’d be in a lot of trouble. :eek:


Ha ha thanks :slight_smile:


In word, no, although confession is always a good and positive experience, and we can always use it! :slight_smile:

Getting slightly dizzy from a drink is not morally problematic (unless there is a particular circumstance; for example, if you need to drive a car immediately afterwards). Drinking only becomes sinful if someone deliberately loses control of his reason (i.e., gets drunk).

Anyway, from what you described, you did not expect the drink to have that effect.

No worries!

Welcome to the Catholic Church!

Fr. Louis Melahn, L.C.

     Crikey Mate !     Getting tipsy helps you get through the Day....
With the Circus in Canberra I need the whole bottle !


I think there is a pretty big line between tipsy and drunk. If your priest does enjoy wine, though, you could ask him how he tells when he’s had enough.


Drinking really takes some experience to avoid too much of it. Even with experience, you can be with other people and not pay enough attention.

And, like the story of Noah who hadn’t drunk anything for over a year because of the flood, he wasn’t used to drinking and drank too much.


I would go with my conscience, even if my priest thought I was being scrupulous.


If your intention was not to get inebriated, no.


The wisdom books, at least one if not more, criticize drunkenness but offer a neutral or even sometimes a positive light on having a bit to drink and becoming merry.

Again, there is a line. And it’s not a moral imperative to start drinking just because a wisdom book said something nice about it. It’s just too bad I can’t remember which books and which verses.


Thanks everyone.


Geez, I would be in confession every day if that was the case as i’m working on my 3rd or 4th post work drink of the night.


Fr. Louis,

What is the churches position on Marijuana? Every time it comes up on here people fight about it with no clear answer given. Thanks.

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