Do I need to confess something I believe is in the past?

In the past I have masturbated and I had promised to give up almost anything that turned me on. I was in to CPR and sometimes it turned me on. I read a book that had some CPR stuff in it. When I read over it I tried not to get to turned on by it, but sometimes I accidently did. I prayed to God for forgiveness every time I did. It felt fine while I was doing it, but after I noticed it might have been wrong. I was hypocritical and said to myself that I wasn’t trying to focus on it when that wasn’t entirely true.

I have been free from masturbation for about a month and a half now and will try my best to confess it the next time I go to Reconciliation, which will probably be in Advent. Do I have to confess to the above too?

If you don’t mind me asking, what is CPR?

In addition, if you knew it was wrong in your heart and willfully did it anyways, yes, you need to confess it.

If, as you say, you were “accidentally” turned on by it, it is not a sin, because you did not consent to it.

When in doubt or there is a chance that you feel that you need to, I would say that the Holy Spirit is telling you that you need to…

It can’t possibly be cardiopulmonary resuscitation, can it?

I would have to say, if that’s the CPR coolcatholicguy’s talking about, he’s the first person I’ve encountered on the internet to be turned on by cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

And that’s no small feat. I have seen some screwed up people on my journey’s into the internet.

Advent? Advent?? For heaven’s sake, don’t wait that long.

Yes you need to go to confession. CPR, you mean when someone is unconscious and you try to get them to breathe again?

Wait wait wait… You mean to tell me you won’t go to confession until Advent/Christmas?:confused: Are you still receiving Holy Communion?

Indeed! I mean, you don’t have to go weekly, but once every 2 or 3 weeks is good. Heck, I honestly prefer weekly confession.

I underscore what others have said and don’t wait to got to Confession until Advent which is the liturgical season immediately prior to Christmas and would not begin this year until 28th November 2010.
Whenever in doubt about some moral matter and/or whether something is sinful or not or how sinful it may be, the very best recourse is to go to Confession and speak to Father about it and be guided by his advice.

In the past I have masturbated and I had promised to give up almost anything that turned me on. I was in to CPR and sometimes it turned me on.

Then you probably should have given up CPR too, whatever it is, if you were aware that it sometimes could lead you into sin. I have no idea what you might mean by CPR either other than the obvious, which seems unlikely.

Go to Confession and put it all to Father.


Honestly, yes, I did mean cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and I realize now that it was wrong, and I’m somewhat ashamed of it. At that time I didn’t fully understand it was wrong, and I was probably kind of hypocritical at some points by saying I didn’t do it to get turned on, but I did what I understood at that point was the most right.

I understand now that those things were wrong, and I have turned my life around in that way and am now free from that. Because I didn’t have full understanding of it graveness, I do not believe it was mortal sin, am I wrong.

Secondly, I have gone to confession since then and when I was there, I did say “I gave into temptation.” but I did not specify anything, because I didn’t know I had to at that point.

Lastly, I was brought up to think that we are called to go to Reconciliation once or twice a year, and I believe it does say that somewhere in the Catechism, but I don’t have the specifics. I do think the bi-weekly or weekly confession is great, but not necessary.

Thanks for the help. Have a great day.:slight_smile:

The precepts or commandments of The Church can be found here:

The precepts of the Church are duties that the Catholic Church requires of all the faithful. Also called the commandments of the Church, they are binding under pain of mortal sin, but the point is not to punish. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church explains, the binding nature “is meant to guarantee to the faithful the indispensable minimum in the spirit of prayer and moral effort, in the growth of love of God and neighbor.” If we follow these commands, we’ll know that we’re headed in the right direction spiritually.

**2. **


**The second precept of the Church is “You shall confess your sins at least once a year.” Strictly speaking, we only need to take part in the **Sacrament of Confession if we have committed a mortal sin, but the Church urges us to make frequent use of the sacrament and, at a minimum, to receive it once each year in preparation for fulfilling our Easter Duty.


We are only bound (you are correct in part) to go to Confession “at least once a year”. Strictly speaking, we are not bound to go to Confession as instrinsic to our Easter Duty - however it is a good and recommended practise to do so. Certainly if we are in the state of mortal sin, suspect that we might be, or have some spiritual or moral difficulty and are not consulting a spiritual director regularly, we should go to Confession as soon as possible and certainly if we are or suspect we may be in the state of mortal sin. We are not bound, of course, to go to Confession if we have some moral or spiritual difficulty, but if we are not consulting a spiritual director regularly, Confession or an appointment with a priest would be the way to sort things out.
Celebrating The Sacrament of Penance or Reconiliation (Confession) will also provide Grace to avoid sin in the future and strengthen one in the struggle against it.

Good that you have found this thread helpful - and you have a happy day also.


Well I hope I didn’t make you feel ashamed like that, I wasn’t meaning what I said to be mean. You definitely aren’t a “pervert” or anything, I was just saying I’ve never known someone who found that to be interesting sexually, even though I’ve known many other people with much more strange interests.

Confession is a good thing to go to regularly, but of course don’t abuse it. I highly doubt that someone who goes to Confession daily or something similiar is truly feeling sorrow for their sins (Not saying it isn’t possible, just not likely). Confession shouldn’t be some rote drill, it should be done out of a true wish to do better.

That’s a minimum. The Church teaches that we all need to go, as a minimum, anytime that we have mortal sin on our soul. I’ts not good to walk around in a state of mortal sin. Besides, if you go more regularly, you will receive the graces to withstand temptation better and be less likely to commit mortal sin.

I know that I have overcome some very serious and very entrenched sinful habits by use of frequent confession.

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