Do i need to confess these sins?

Hello, english is not my native language, so, please don’t mind.

When i was a kid, i did a lot of things that now i know that they are mortal sins, but when i did them, i didn’t really knew the doctrine of the Church (about mortal sins, confession etc.) but i did knew that they were kind of wrong. Do i need to confess those sins?

I know i should, and i’m willing to do it. But one of them is theft (small things), and according to the catechism: 2412 In virtue of commutative justice, reparation for injustice committed requires the restitution of stolen goods to their owner:

But how will i do it? It was a long time ago, i don’t have the things anymore and one of them was from a family member… How can i do it?

Restitution can be very complicated.

You lose nothing by mentioning this in confession, but then trust the priest to give you good advice. You will probably NOT need to give restitution, based on what you have said.

Make an appointment with a Priest…

He can guide you.

You only have to confess actual mortal sins – a gravely immoral act committed with full knowledge and full consent. So the acts you describe in childhood would not apply. Theft of small items is typically venial, esp. if committed by a child. Restitution is not always required in cases of theft. It depends on the circumstances. In the case of items of small value stolen a long time ago by a child, restitution can take the form of prayer for the people you stole from.

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