Do I need to go back to confession for this?


So I was at confession and just confessed that I had impure thoughts when all of a sudden I had another impure thought again. I wasn’t (and am) still not sure if it was entirely my fault since I have intrusive thoughts OCD. I guess I’m just nervous because I didn’t say anything about it. Since I said I had them several times I was on the fence if that counted. I obviously didn’t want the thought but I have a habit of thinking about the intrusive thought for like 0.5 seconds. It’s like my brain gets a warning that I’m going to have an intrusive thought right before I do and then it makes it feel like it’s my fault after I have it. I just don’t know what I should do and I feel guilty about it. Anything helps, thanks.


Intrusive thoughts are not sins.

Please take these kinds of questions to your priest and mental health professional. Posting them online will not help your OCD.



No you do not need to confess. If you are scrupulous, posting here will not help you.


My problem is knowing if the thought was mine or not. I know intrusive thoughts aren’t sins.


Remember the 3 conditions for mortal sin: grave matter, full knowledge, and deliberate consent. What you are describing does not meet the last two conditions. This sounds like anxiety, not sin.


From my experience and what I’ve heard from others, that’s also an OCD thing. And as you’ve probably found, thinking about it will only make it happen more and cause more doubt. Ask your priest for some guidelines on the matter and then follow them.


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