Do I need to go to confession? Please help


If my parents asked me to do something and I ask if I could do it later, did I disobey them or dishonor them? Do I need to go to confession before receiving communion?

Second question: Is overeating always gluttony?

  1. Depends on how you asked them. If you just casually asked I see no problem with that. Everyone would rather procrastinate and who knows maybe she’s ok with that. Might as well find out. Unless of course she says you need to do it now and you keep on and on asking.
    Only you and God know if you can receive communion, but objectively asking to delay a task doesn’t seem sinful especially not grave. Just be polite and don’t get to the point of annoying her.
    (And don’t judge yourself based on what I say, I am quite flawed myself, especially with how I treated my parents)

  2. I am confused about gluttony too. On the one hand, eating or drinking for pleasure is wasteful but Jesus drank wine.

Edit: actually I don’t think the bible specifically says that Jesus drank wine but he did make some for the wedding at Cana.


Dear Johnnyt3000 I’ve noticed for some time that you’re very anxious about what’s sinful and what isn’t. Scrupels are a heavy burden to have and my advise is to be kinder to yourself.
Remember that for a sin to be mortal you have to fulfill all of the requirements needed.
In this particular case ask yourself: Is it a grave matter? If that’s so did I know that it was a grave matter beforehand? And did I comitt it regardless of the consequences?

If you just answered your parrents inpolite and rude without thinking it through then it’s only a venial sin. Remember ALL 3 requirements must be met for it
To be mortal.

my knowledge are very limited when it comes to glutony so I’ll just sit back and enjoy being educated by brighter minds than my own:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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Okay, life is a test, Who/what is your master/God(god)? If your
answer is: “Oh, well sometimes it’s my appetites, sometimes
it’s Christ, sometimes it’s a toss-up” Well, Jesus has a word to
say about that! “If your eyes are bad, your body will be full of
darkness”, so if you want to be full of LIGHT, repent of your
lukewarm-ness and DENY yourself and GO for broke and
follow the self deprecating Master!

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