Do I need to go to confession?

I just went to confession Saturday, and the next day when I get on the internet and I search for something I get porn pictures that had nothing to do with the search. Then later when I went on this app called ifunny this one person said in the comments that they had “hot pics”, I thought they were just desperate to get people to go and see their channel, but I was wrong they weren’t lying. I left immediately though. Later I learned that porn was a mortal sin, and I learned cursing God’s name was a mortal sin. I looked at the rules for something to be a mortal sin and rule 2 is that the person must know about it before doing it. Since I didn’t know I guess I don’t have a mortal sin on me, but I quoted something from a YouTube video that made me laugh but it had God’s name in it. It was a sentence so I didn’t realize I had said a bad word using God’s name. A few moments after I realized I had said it, but in the rules for it to be a mortal sin I must have full knowledge of when I did it. I’m not sure if I have a mortal sin on my soul. Any answer would be great! :slight_smile:

Do I need to go to confession?

If you have to ask, then you probably should.

Not always the best advice, but generally, you should just to be safe. The possible exception is if you have a scrupulous conscience.

If you happened - by accident - to encounter pornographic material on the internet, and you glanced past it, then you have performed an act of virtue and have experienced spiritual growth as a result.

If you have any doubts; then go to Confession. It can’t hurt, and think of the graces you will be receiving for doing so.

It may or may not have been sinful, but it’s never wrong to ask in the Confessional. I always err on the side of caution, because what’s more important than the state of my immortal soul?

As an aside, I would recommend getting a filter for your computer to avoid the temptation of coming across impure websites. I have found K9 Filter to be very effective, and all of my family’s devices (phones, tablets, PCs) have it on there.

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