Do I need to have my marriage validated or can I?


I just joined the Catholic Church and I am in RCIA and I was wondering if needed (or can I at all?) have my marriage validated? :confused: I have been married 9 years to the same woman and neither me or my wife have been married before. I am Catholic and my wife is not. We were not married by the Catholic church. Any suggestions??? Thanks


If you were not Catholic at the time you were married, then your marriage is valid.


Were you baptized Catholic before your marriage? That is the formost question. The marriage can be recognized either way however the methods to achieve such are not the same.


Go and talk with a priest. I believe you just need to get your marriage blessed by a priest but I may be wrong. I’d go see the parrish priest and ask him. You situation doesn’t sound complicated at all so I’m sure it can be rectified rather easily but I’m no canon lawyer either so again, go see that priest, he will know. :slight_smile:


If you were not Catholic at the time of your Marriage and your wife was not and both Married according to the laws of your respective faiths. The Marriage is accepted as valid and if both of you are validly Baptized, the Marriage is also Sacramental. Nothing else needs to be done.


Thanks guys, you answered my question!!!:slight_smile:

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