Do I need to name each sin in kind at next confession?

I went to confession, my first and said I have broken every commandment and asked the priest for assistance in making confession as I seemed to go blank about how to make confession. He asked the ones that were really bothering me then granted absolution. After leaving the confession and going through confirmation I began to think about all that has happened. Since the other sins were not mentioned specifically do I need to do that at my next confession or just confess sins after that confession? Sorry to be so lengthy.

The only sins that need to be named in number and kind are mortal sins. When the priest said to name the ones that were “really bothering you” he was assuming that you had made sufficient reflection on your past and thus the grave sins would be the ones that “really bother” you.
Unless you remember a mortal sin that you did not name in the confession then you have no need to name the sins in a future confession.

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