Do I need to re-confess?


I was born and raised a Catholic, but I’ve only recently made a firm resolve to put my Catholic faith into practice in my daily life - I have my fair share of struggles, being a 20 year-old at a very liberal University here in Canada, but I really am trying my best.

Sometimes in my past, I would visit the Sacrament of Reconciliation and give what I thought to be an ‘adequate’ Confession; but thinking back, I feel like I made some rather serious omissions. While I don’t think I ever left any grave sins entirely out, I rarely/never mentioned the frequency that I performed my sins (even mortal) and I also feel like I downplayed some of their seriousness. This has been bothering me a lot lately…

And now for the main purpose of my post - should I mention this the next time I go to Confession? Would I be warranted in asking for a General Confession? I don’t feel like I’m doubting the power of Christ’s forgiveness through this wonderful Sacrament, I’m just concerned that I’ve never made a ‘good’ Confession.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Matt,

I suggest that you mention the above to the priest the next time you go to Confession. That should take care of it. If you remember a particular mortal sin that you didn’t confess, mention that as well. A general confession is a good thing, but you need to make an appointment for that. If you chose to do so, wait till after Christmas when priests aren’t so busy.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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