Do I need to reconfess...?


I’d gone to confession on Tuesday;

That same evening after Confession, I caught myself in another sin (My conscience convicted me of hypocrisy even);

I went back to Confession, confessing this other sin & another which came to mind that I’d forgotten about in the previous Confession, & I hadn’t mentioned to the priest that I’d confessed just the previous day.

After all of do I need to reconfess all of those sins? Honestly per the suggestion of one priest, I should try to write down my sins to remember them as my memory is sometimes off anymore (I’m 55+, & yes, my memory sometimes is off anymore), but I didn’t do it.

Thank you.


I’m confused. You confessed a set of sins on Tuesday. You committed another sin Tuesday night, went back the next day, confessed the additional sin and also confessed one you’d forgotten before but just remembered.
I presume you were absolved of all the sins in both confessions.

Why would you think you need to re-confess these sins?
You were absolved of them, they’re gone.


My memory. Maybe I’m just overthinking this. I have been told I can be overscrupulous before.



The best person to ask this would be a good, Holy, wise priest.


If you honestly forget a sin it is forgiven anyway!

In fact I have had a priest who I have been to confession with tell me to confess “and any other sins I can’t remember” because that makes me know they were also forgiven and that is 100% okay to do and I’ve said that.

Now if you killed someone I highly doubt you would “forget” so you can’t use forgetting as an excuse to not confess embarrassing sins. But sins that you honestly forget, they are forgiven. Also if they aren’t mortal sins they are forgiven during mass anyway.

Mortal sins I’m not sure if the forgetting part covers it, but I highly doubt you forget a mortal sin because mortal sins require full knowledge it was mortal and you know it. If you forgot it then it was venial and forgiven at mass


Forgotten sins are forgiven. If it was mortal, you must confess it at your next Confession, but it is already forgiven.

Saying the number of days/weeks since your last Confession is not necessary to the Sacrament. It’s a common practice.

Talk to a spiritual advisor about scrupulosity.



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