Do I obey my pastor or Rome?

Here’s a toughy…

I am an expert in liturgy and direct music at a fairly liberal Church (sigh…gotta pay the bills). I am also a servant to Holy Obedience and joyful obey all the commands of my religious superiors.

However, recent I was told not to sing the Gloria on Ascension Sunday (Transfered the Solemnity from Thurs. to Sun., with the indult of the Holy See) because of a baptism and first communion that would take up extra time. I know this was an abuse and inappropriate, but who is my obedience to? Should I obey my pastor and do as he says and report the abuses to the Archdiocese (which I know will do nothing) or obey the Holy See and the Institutio Generalis Missale Romanum and risk my job out of Holy Obedience to Rome?

Also, a note to say this isn’t a one-time thing. Sometimes they will omit the Credo (not replacing it with renewal of baptismal promises, but going straight from the Homily to the General Intercessions), sometimes a required Sequence will be skipped, etc…all in the name of saving time. We’re a big parish and have a tight Mass schedule.

What is a loyal servant of the LORD and the Church to do?

As always, obedient to Rome;


Dear Adam.

This isn’t a toughie at all! There is a hierarchy of responsibilities here. The responsibility for the way the liturgy is performed in a parish is primarily that of the pastor and not yours. Your responsibility for the financial support of your family is considerably higher for you than your responsibility regarding the correction of your pastor’s laxness regarding the recitation of the Creed and such.

If he were consecrating an invalid Eucharist or giving serious scandal, that would be another matter. But such does not seem to be the case.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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