Do I sit or stand during

I’m not catholic yet and I’m confused about standing or sitting while the parish is taking communion. Should I sit, stand or knee while the church is taking communion? I’ve been standing at my pew, but sometimes I think I should be sitting. Which is correct?

What are the people around you doing?

The standard postures are kneeling or standing. In my archdiocese we have been asked to stand until everyone receives communion so that’s what I do, but kneeling is also very common.

I would join in whatever the rest of the assembly is doing.

I agree with SuscipeMeDomine, do what the rest of the congregation do. At my parish some people kneel and some sit. My personal preference would be to kneel in prayer but I find kneeling too difficult due to a medical condition. (I have discussed my situation with my parish priest, he’s told me it’s OK to sit down even when I should kneel, e.g. during the Eucharistic Prayer.)

The GIRM said that you should stand, but you can sit or kneel if you like. So any of those three is fine. Most people I know prefer to sit if they are not getting up. I personally would kneel and pray if I’m not going up to receive.

we kneel until the priest sits down.

I’m the only one not taking communion. Everyone else is in line to recieve. Kind of awkward…

Kneel and pray then. This is a perfect time to do so, offer your prayers and pray for spiritual communion.

you may stand if the rest of the congregation remains standing, usually while singing, or you may sit or kneel, posture at this time, including posture for those who have just received communion, is optional. do of course be courteous to those moving in and out of the pew

This is the perfect time to make a Spiritual Communion.
You cannot receive God sacramentally but ask Him to come to you spiritually.
I like to kneel at church when praying along these lines!

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