Do i still ask God to forgive me?

I was just baptized, Confirmed, and recieved First Eucharist!! :slight_smile: now i know that that automatically, thru baptism places me in a state of Grace. And i plan on going to Confession next saturday but one thing i have heard that its good to make a examination of conscience 3 ties a day but when i make these examination of concense (i cant spell it) do i / can i still ask God to forgive me as long as i am still going to Confession??

Itโ€™s always good to ask for forgiveness any time you need it. That applies to asking people for forgiveness as well as asking God.

I remember once I was on a retreat and a woman there was very rude to me. The next morning she came to me and said that as she was examining her conscience the night before she realized what she had done and wanted to apologize and ask my forgiveness. We hugged and it was a good ending for both of us.

I wish a few more people would take this sort of stuff to heart. But I guess I canโ€™t complain. I need to do it more myself. :blush:

coooooooooooooongrats!!! :smiley:

You might find looking up the Jesuit Examination of Conscience on your search engine helpful to you. Under the rules of their order they do this on a daily basis.

Oh congratulations!!! I was just welcomed into the church last Easter. :slight_smile: Best decision I ever made! You can look forward to growing as a Christian this year. Its an amazing journey.

With love in Christ

Oh incomprehensible and limitless mercy Divine - who can extol and adore you worthily.

St Faustina

The mercy of Jesus is infinite

Asking for God to forgive us after we have sinned should be an automatic thing. But that sin still needs to be told during confession. About going to confession. I find that once a month is about as much as is needed. Except if there is a mortal sin, which would need to be confessed at the first opportunity. :thumbsup:

When ever something comes to mind that i done in the past or recent past and i feel it is a sin i ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness. It helps me to find a form of release because i sometimes find myself worrying about sin at times and thanks be to God i find asking for forgiveness from my heart helps me overcome the horrid feeling of sin. I also go to confession and i would recommend availing of the Divine Mercy Sunday that Jesus Christ told Saint Faustina about. You see can more about that Sunday, which is the first after Easter Sunday, here:

When you examin your conscience, simply go over the past day or past few hours. See if there is anything that stands out. For example, not taking time with someone. Then rerun that scene again in your imagination only this time see yourself taking the time you should give to them.

Usually these things our obvious to us. Then tell Jesus you are sorry and that you will correct it.

One exception. If something was serious, like someone who had a serious argument with their spouse, that was a grave(mortal or serious) sin. Then make a perfect act of love and sorrow right then and there and then settle peacfully with the spouse. As soon as possible go to confession.

Just a thought.

Thank you! Feeling much better!

What immense mercies have come during this Lent & Easter!

โ€œGod never tires of forgiving though we may tire of asking for forgiveness.โ€ โ€“ Pope Francis

Asking for forgiveness is an act of our will under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Receiving the sacrament makes the sorrow we feel fruitful by bringing us the grace of the priest through whom Our Lord channels His divine life. This is why having a sacramental priesthood is so important, because the sacraments turn our wills more towards God. Without that grace of a sacrament, our human nature can actually come to enjoy feeling guilt over sin โ€“ which then can lead people to sin more. Through the sacrament, God increases His life in us, which allows us to seek forgiveness more because we love God & want to do all we can to stay with & keep His life within our souls.

Congratulations!!! extrahappy: extrahappy:

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