Do i still need to go to mass?

My father has planned a trip to Istra today where we are going to watch acrobatic airplanes or something. Anyway, i tried to go to mass at 7:00 AM but i found out that our parish only has mass at 8.00 AM :o (i always go to 10.00 AM mass). And we are going to Istra at 8.00 AM, so i can’t go to mass. We are not returning till very late i think. What should i do? Am i still required to go to mass?

Your have attempted to go to Mass, and the rest of the day will be spent fulfilling an important obligation to your family. You are not obliged to go another time.

Enjoy your day with your family.

The rule that I heard when I first joined the Church was: “The obligation is about the same as for an important business or social engagement”. You are not obliged to do absolutely everything in your power to attend Mass absolutely every Sunday. Otherwise people who are “only” five hours drive from Mass would be obliged.

Try another parish.

I’m not sure how old you are, but if you are a minor with limited access to transportation, you have made an honest attempt to get to mass even though circumstances may prevent you.

However, if you are a minor or adult with access to transportation (your own car, or public transit) then you need to make arrangements to get to mass.

Also remember: you can always attend mass Saturday evening if you want to be off at another event early Sunday morning.

I know there are some dispensations for travel and since I am not familiar with your geography, perhaps some of those might apply.

However, if you are an adult, and since apparently this isn’t an impromptu trip, it was your responsibility to find a mass you could attend. Your finding out TODAY that your own parish doesn’t have a 7 a.m. mass suggests it mass attendance was not your priority.

Technically your Obligation is not fulfilled, but you did try to go to Mass and if you go regularly its not as if you never go to Mass- you tried, don’t cut yourself up about it. However In future go to a Vigil Mass on Saturday, the night before so you won’t have these problems. Missing Mass through your own fault is a Mortal Sin, but this does not apply in this case as you made the effort to go. I wouldn’t worry but maybe mention it in your next Confession- over Easter is a perfect time to do this!

God bless you!

Of curse going to mass was my priority, it was just that mass at other parishes is usually at 7:00 AM as far as i knew and i thought that here is too. I just didn’t think that it might be at 8.00 AM.

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