Do jews/muslims use exorcisms?

We just finished watching Fr Gary Thomas tell his story as a exorcist priest. He’s the priest portrayed in “The Rite” movie starring Anthony Hopkins.

He mentioned jews, muslims and atheists who have come to him seeking a exorcism.

I thought jews and muslims had their own exorcism ritual.

I recommend you read the book, as the movie does it little justice.

He mentioned jews, muslims and atheists who have come to him seeking a exorcism.

I thought jews and muslims had their own exorcism ritual.

I’m sure they do have their own rituals. But without invoking the Holy Name of Jesus, such rituals are rendered utterly ineffectual. One almost wonders if when such an “exorcism” appears to succeed, if it is not merely the devil deceiving the people involved into believing that other “powers” besides Jesus Christ can dispel evil.

The Catholic Rite of Exorcism alone has the greatest efficacy against the devil, because it is administered by a holy and humble priest who is fortified by the grace of the Sacraments and who ceaselessly invokes the saints, Our Blessed Lady (who makes the demons tremble), and Our Blessed Lord Himself.

Mentally ill Mother of 8 Killed During Islamic Exorcism in Morocco; Exorcist Tortured Woman to Drive Out Demons

A mentally ill Moroccan mother of eight was killed after being repeatedly beaten with a stick by an Islamic exorcist who had been asked by her relatives to perform the ceremony to cast out “demons” from her.

The woman, in her 40s, who was from Douar Beni Salah village in northern Morocco’s Tetouan region, had several sessions under the same exorcist, who tortured her each time as he sought to drive out demons, according to Morocco World News.

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Yeah, muslims often do ruqya, which is sort of like an excorcism. There are different kind of ruqyas. I don’t know much about this aspect of Shariah, so I apologize. What’s done most often is that certain parts of the Qur’an are recited over a person who is being tormented by evil jinns in some way (jinns are invisible creatures that muslims believe in. Some jinns are good and some are bad). The last two surahs of the Qur’an are pretty much a staple of the practice of ruqya because both surahs are appeals to Allah for protection from evil.

I’ve done ruqya on myself a few times. I suffer from panic attacks; I will occasionally recite some Qur’an to remove any possibility of the panic attack getting worse due to a jinn that may be around (I don’t believe that all panic attacks are caused by jinns, though).

Ruqya removes effects of black magic, suffering due to the evil eye and torment being carried out [on you] by evil jinns. There are a lot of phonies out there, so be careful. Some Islamic majority countries, like Pakistan, have what can best be desribed as an equivalent to a Benny Hinn show (because that’s what they are; they’re not prayer conferences-- they are shows). There’s the untouchable saintly man who touches people and his uber-holy powers causes them to dance uncontrollably, gyrate on the floor, fall over, etc.

It’s ironic because some of these so-called ruqyas are inviting jinn to come in and harm you-- not to expel them. I am not convinced that one can become completely possessed in the sense of having no control over themselves because I have yet to see any evidence of such a case (in Qur’an and/or Ahadith). Black magic, the evil eye and jinn are real, though.

Very interesting, thank you for replying.

What I understand of your reply:

  • Jinns are evil spirits.

  • Several types of ruqyas (exorcism rites)

  • You can perform them on yourselves.

What is an ‘evil eye’, my hubby says my mum gave him the evil eye when they first met :stuck_out_tongue: but somehow I think it’s worse than that in this case.

I saw a horror show on a Jewish exorcism once. The show was fiction of course, but I imagine that there must be some reality behind the research that went into making the show.

Jinns are like humans, they can be evil or good. In Islam the rough equivalent to Satan is Iblis who is a Jinn but there are also benevolent Jinn. Satan is not a fallen angel in Islam as Muslims like Jews do not view Angels as having free will. Solomon is supposed to have been gifted with a ring by God that allowed him to command the Jinn.

The evil eye predates Islam:-

One of the key figures of Irish myth is actually called Balor of the evil eye whose gaze was reputed to kill and destroy the land.

Fascinating especially about the evil eye.

Australian Aboriginals thousands of years ago used to “point the bone” as a curse.

“Bone pointing” is a method of execution used by the Aborigines. It is said to leave no trace, and never fails to kill its victim. The bone used in this curse either made of either human, kangaroo, emu or even wood. The shape of the killing-bone, or kundela, varies from tribe to tribe. The lengths can be from six to nine inches. They look like a long needle. At the rounded end, a piece of hair is attached through the hole, and glued into place with a gummy resin from the spinifex bush.

Before it can be used, the kundela is charged with a powerful psychic energy in a ritual that is kept secret from women and those who are not tribe members. To be effective, the ritual must be performed faultlessly. The bone is then given to the kurdaitcha, who are the tribe’s ritual killers.

An excellent reply. Thank you, Jharek.

Yes, it is true that muslims believe that Satan is a jinn-- not an angel. They are different creatures, similar to how dogs and cats are different creatures.

SAVINGRACE: My assumption is that your husband used the term ‘evil eye’ as a metaphor. In other words, He was conveying that your mother didn’t like him when they first met. I don’t believe he was suggesting that your mother literally practiced witchcraft on him.

Thank you Benson, I read the book as well but prefer not to watch the movie. We watched a youtube presentation given by Fr Gary.

What about God, jews, muslims and christians believe in the one God. If Jews and muslims invoke him in their exorcism ritual surely He has the power to evict and bind evil spirits?

:stuck_out_tongue: yes what he meant is that my mum was a tough nut to crack. She didn’t like the idea that I had just started my career when he came along (that’s life and love :)). Now they are two peas in a pod.

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