Do kid's tv shows have lust in them?

In almost every single kid’s tv show, there often is a young (12 year old) male who tries to get a girl, and he goes gaga for her because, well, you get the picture.

Would this be an objective sin of lust? Or is it more of a judgement call, and depends on how obsessed the boy is?

Is it lust or puppy love?

I used to watch this cartoons like Hercules, Space Ghost, Kimba the White Lion and the Flintstones. I don’t remember thinking anything was sexy. I used to think Fred and Wilma slept in separate beds because they weren’t married. They hadn’t invented marriage yet!:smiley:

As my nephews started watching cartoons, I noticed the characters were knock offs of the games they were playing. There was one exception, He-man and the power something. The boys got all giggly when She-ra arrived and said, ‘‘I can see up her dress!’’ That was as close to sexy as cartoons get.

Isn’t 12 year old boys going gaga over girls normal? That’s about the age that boys started writing me little notes in class and asking me if I wanted to slow skate at the skating

Lust and normal puppy love are different.


Lust is *disordered *sexual desire/enjoyment. Boys (of any post-puberty age) going gaga over girls (of a suitable age) is properly ordered - the way God intends it.

It can become disordered (eg sexual activity outside marriage, objectification of others), but in general (there are no doubt exceptions) those TV programs are merely showing the natural and properly ordered male and female interactions.

Dunno. There was a time when 12 was still considered childhood. Now the great media and marketing machines sexualize childhood via inappropriate fashions for girls and creating messages for boys that unless you start chasing girls in grade school, you’re not normal. TV “family comedies” typically featuring loutish, clueless fathers egging their sons on add to this as well.

Can they pass on disordered approaches of our culture? yes.

One must make a reasonable judgment call. Prudence, temperance and above all Faith guiding ones parental judgment (and above all and in all the Holy Spirit).

Not just let kids turn on the tv (or computer…or have a phone freely etc…)

Actually, if you really look beyond the 1940s-50s or so, historically, 12 was considered on the cusp of adulthood. Note that the Jewish Bar Mitzvah takes place at age 13, and Confirmation takes place around the same time as well.

In Europe, though pre-teen marriage was not actually common in the general population in the medieval and Renaissance eras, among the royalty and nobility there are many examples of girls being married at age 12, though not all of those marriages were consummated, many were. Such as Margaret Beaufort, mother of the English King Henry VII. At age 13, she was already a mother and a widow. Yes, she gave birth 2 months after her husband died, at age 13, so she either married just after turning 13 or shortly before. And this marriage, to Edmond Tudor, was technically her SECOND marriage. Her first marriage was annulled as it had taken place before age 12, and (I assume and hope) had not been consummated. Meaning, the Church at the time found 12 year olds to be old enough for marriage.

Well, if 12-13 year olds are old enough for marriage and childbearing, then certainly they are old enough to become interested in romance. They are definitely no longer perfectly innocent children, I’m sure even kids who have no exposure to TV at all have romantic feelings around that age. Most kids that age are already in puberty, most girls are already having their periods, etc.

BTW, I am NOT saying I think most 12-13 year olds are actually ready for marriage, sex, and babies. Margaret Beaufort was actually rendered sterile by her early pregnancy and difficult birth, she had no children after Henry VII although she married twice more. Even back then, although her marrying that young was considered acceptable, actually consummating the marriage was not always considered appropriate as many such young mothers had difficult pregnancies, many even died in childbirth.

My little guy enjoys Peppa Pig. No lust there.

Such was a recent thing…

Thankfully there is movement to *restore *the order of the Sacraments …so confirmation will be given to the very young.

Pope Francis:

But even in this “age of the image,” people should follow the same standards that ruled back “in the age of books: choose the things that are good for me,” he said.

Those who produce or distribute content, like television stations, have the responsibility of choosing programs that strengthen values, that help people grow and prepare for life, “that build up society, that move us forward, not drag up down.”

Viewers have the responsibility of choosing what’s good, and changing the channel where there is “filth” and things that “make me become vulgar.”

That said, a lot of cartoonist seem to enjoy drawing curvy women :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s one thing to consider 12 the “cusp of adulthood” when average lifespans were maybe 40. With lifespans double that today, that calculus would seem to be quite different – especially since science now tells us that the decision-making centers of the brain - well, at least the male brain - don’t mature until the early 20’s.

When did you start looking at the opposite as more than just friends? 12 seems to be a normal age for that. 12 is middle school. Actually, in my town at the time, the high school had 7th-12th grades. I was “in high school” at age 12. I wasn’t 13 in the 7th grade until the spring semester.
People sexualize toddlers. Look at toddlers and tiaras. That isn’t just made for TV. Those people and pageants do exist.

I don’t know about lust,but Pepe le Pew certainly set a new standard in sexual harassment. :rolleyes:

I was 12 in the 1950’s. Children were still allowed to be children then with a lot less social pressure to “grow up,” when “media” were 3 TV channels, and in my parochial school - which went to 8th grade - there were no dances or other mixed-gender events and boys and girls sat on opposite sides of the classroom and had separate playgrounds. A lost world, and I’m not sure today represents “progress.”

I believe that children’s TV programs are carefully created to affect secular values and to prepare children along the path of life. Not necessarily lust, but to develop a proclivity toward procreation.

Boys and girls didn’t play with each other? Ew. I didn’t like playing with most girls when I was growing up. Girls cry, THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL.

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