Do kind acts always count as a blessing

I take care of a sick person, but since it’s my wife and " in sickness " is part of the vows, does that count as caring for the sick? Also, I work in jail, literally feeding, clothing, and visiting the inmates, I deliver the commissary, which includes food, clothes, health and beauty, and assorted personal items. Because I am doing the former as a vow, and the latter for compensation, does this mitigate the spiritual blessing one ordinarily receives for doing these activities voluntarily, with no expectation of reward?

Of course it counts caring for your wife, because you really are choosing to take care of her. If you were not a decent man, you would say tough luck, deal with it. But you don’t.

I don’t know why caring for others and getting paid for it wouldn’t “count” either. In all things, we can choose to do things with love or just go through the motions. If you are doing your job and not being disrespectful and difficult to others, I don’t see why blessings would not be yours.

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Are you asking if you will receive a divine reward for the practice of virtue?

No, the OP was speaking about spiritual blessings.
Perhaps you should ask the OP instead of me.


Everything you’ve mentioned are considered acts of kindness and count as a blessing. So I encourage you to continue your good deeds. Well done!!:+1::+1::+1:

GOD bless, my brother! :innocent::innocent::innocent:

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What matters is how much “love” you put into the things you do. Many times we do kind things, out of convenience, which lessen the value of our act, or because we have to. There is no true love on those things.

The more you learn to let go of your will to do God’s will, the more holy you will become.


Saints became Saints by sweeping floors, feeding animals, making dinner for the brethern, caring for the sick, making baskets and beer and the multiple other mundane tasks that constitute ordinary life. It is the love that we try to put into the tasks that will bring us reward, not the task itself.
Ask the Lord to give you more love for the people you are serving and let him be concerned with your reward.

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