Do Latter day saints have dietary restrictions on caffeinated products other then coffee?

Just curious as to whether Latter day saint’s cant have other caffeinated products like tea or chocolate and if they can have stuff that only like pseudo-coffee flavoured like coffee flavoured yogurt and ice cream which I’m not even sure has real coffee or caffeine of any sort.

Different people define it differently. It actually states “hot beverages,” thus prohibiting early LDS from using freshly boiled water. Dysentery, typhoid, and cholera were a result of a lack of faith. Since you can’t see them, germs are a fiction. What this means about God is up to you to answer.

Sorry about the sarcasm. I am doing research on the health of the LDS in Nauvoo.

The Word of Wisdom does not say “no caffeine”. It says “no hot drinks”.

It has been interpreted to no cafe or tea. But I know a lot of LDS who drunk caffeine filled soda.

So they can drink iced coffee?

“hot drinks”=no coffee or tea (herbal tea is fine) hot or cold is how it is defined and can keep one from getting a temple recommend.

It is not defined as caffiene.

Cola drinks (or anything w/caffeine ) will not keep one from getting a TR.

Many Mormons chose not to drink caffeinate drinks regardless of it being ok.

No. no coffee. hot or cold.

I’ve been told no coffee or tea, however pop is fine. (Obviously no alcohol or tobacco as well).

Growing up LDS, my parents didn’t allow us to drink anything that had caffeine in it. You won’t find caffeinated sodas in the LDS church offices, at BYU, or any other LDS-run organization. One of their leaders (McKay?) wouldn’t order hot chocolate because he didn’t want people to have the misconception that he was drinking coffee.

Today, of the LDS that I’m around, some will not drink any caffeinated beverages, and others will drink sodas that do but not coffee or tea (hot, cold, or decaffeinated).

The hot drink Postum was popular with Mormons when I was a kid. I still have an affinity for it but it is no longer made.

There are also stories of hidden coffee pots in mormon houses, especially among the Danes. lol.

As other posters have said, cola drinks are technically ok. My wife is a big diet coke drinker. In my experience so are many professors at BYU. But caffeinated sodas are not sold on campus. Gotta make a coke-run off campus to get your fix :smiley:

The Word of Wisdom, which is a revelation recorded in a book of scripture called the Doctrine and Covenants (section 89 specifically), states that we are to refrain from “hot drinks”. This has been interpreted to mean coffee and tea (i.e. black and green tea). Latter-day Saints also refrain from iced coffee and iced tea drinks. Many Latter-day Saints drink herbal tea and hot chocolate. As far as coffee flavored yogurt and ice cream, and other food products like that, that is up to the individual to decide (for example, I went to dinner with some friends from church awhile ago, and they served us green tea ice cream. One politely declined, the other and I had no problem with it). Many Latter-day Saints also refrain from all drinks with caffeine, however again, that is also up to the individual. For me, I do not drink coffee or tea, but do drink hot chocolate, herbal tea, coke, pepsi, etc.

Hope that helps.

No to Iced Coffee, I dare say.

In my youth, I worked in an Episcopal retirement home, and there was one lady who always drank “Postum”. Apparently she was a Mormon. Postum (I just consulted Wikipedia) was a drink that was put out by CW Post company and touted as an alternative to coffee. It came in a jar like instant coffee and was made hot. So the hot drink thing is less an issue than the no caffeine thing. Apparently Mormons loved Postum, but not enough to keep it alive. The product was discontinued in 2007.

If you read the revelation, it would seem so, but you would fail your temple recomend interview and not be able to attend the temple and be saved. Shame.:signofcross:

Isn’t “hot chocolate” a hot drink, or do mormons know how to make “hot chocolate” seem cold?:signofcross:

My mother, a devout Mormon, drinks Pepsi when she has had a bad day. It makes me giggle; it’s like a glass of wine or a beer for her. She’ll even say, “oh, what a day… I need a Pepsi!”

On a related note, my parents love the root beer brewed at the local brewpub. However, they do not want to be seen going in or coming out with a 1/2 gallon growler full of a dark liquid, so they get their Catholic son (me) to go do their dirty work for them. Of course, I have to hoist a pint o’ bitter to my parents’ health while I’m there :smiley:

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Nestles quick and other chocolate milks, and of course Yaa Hoo:D

It breeds hypocrisy. IF it is, as advertised, only “hot drinks”, then it should not prevent iced tea or iced coffee. IF it is caffeine, then sodas, chocolate, even Excedrin, should be off limits.,

of course, this (the Word of Wisdom" from a man who denounced alcohol, then sold alcohol in his hotel.

Silly TK, you just redefine what is meant by “alcohol”.

An LDS neighbor gave me a history of our area that he put together. Being in the UT, it was settled by Danish Mormon immigrants. A new type of pale lager was introduced by the Danes, that the immigrants new about and arranged to have it shipped here. It was so light that people laughed it off as not being beer, but a fizzy soda. A few blocks from my house once stood a Mormon bar, that sold this Danish “non-beer” out the front, and ice cream out the back.

(Ice cream is the vice of Mormons. :smiley: )

"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man." (Mt. 15:11)

And denounced polygamy and polyandry while he was practicing both.

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