Do men have fall into the temptation of self pleasure during the fertile times?


Just curious after my own findings in my marriage. Do you men give into the temptation of self pleasure during your wives fertile times (if using NFP). I am just curious if this is a pattern.


Didn’t vote cause I’m not a man… but, my DH is a faithful Catholic. He even has a lecture for husbands who choose not to exercise self control


Oh Where can I find his tape? Id love to hear it!


No tape - he just lectures in the living room, on the porch, in the driveway :slight_smile:


I can tell men are reluctant to vote, just a reminder, you can not view who polled! Any comments?


These self-abusing Catholic married men, or rather boys in terms of self-restraint, need to grow up in the virtue and character becoming of an adult disciple of Jesus Christ. :frowning:


Not everyone has the self-control, but we should all be working towards that self-control. I wish I could answer, no never, but the truth of the matter is I can’t. I don’t do it regularly, but we all fall down at times. We need to be supportive of those that fall and help them to stand up with charity and love.


I answered no, never.
That is true, not once have I done it during the fertile cycle since we started using NFP. It is vey tough though.

For me it’s different, since I do not have any release, whether my wife is fertile or infertile, but I try to stay strong, using reason and intellect to keep myself at bay, so to speak.
But it’s a very easy thing to fall into, so guys, please just remember to use the Sacrament of Confession!!



This sort of inquiry is not appropriate discussion for CAF. The information being sought is meant only for a spouse, priest or confessor.

A permissible thread could be a discussion aimed at minimizing temptation to so as to not fall into sexual sin during a wife’s fertile phase.

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