Do miraculous healings happen today?

Some people,including Catholics claim they have received miracles,particurly healings,when praying direct to God or through intercession but this Catholic website seems to suggest that God doesn’t heal physical defects:

“Hence they are not performed by God to repair physical defects in His creation,…”

It seems that website is true because no one gets healed of incurable things such as Dementia,Azheimers,Paraplegia,blindness,braain damage etc and most peoples stories of claimed healing miracles can be attributed to other causes.Eg;a person might claim to be healed of a tumor but some tumors naturally can regress…

All that your quote is saying is THAT is NOT a REASON for miracles, NOT that such events do not happen.

That is a very good article on miracles, but it is very scholarly, and has to be read with intense concentration. :wink:

Quotes without context lead to pretext. Let’s look at what you quoted:

Therefore the miracle must be worthy the holiness, goodness, and justice of God, and conducive to the true good of men.** Hence they are not performed by God to repair physical defects in His creation**, nor are they intended to produce, nor do they produce, disorder or discord; do they contain any element which is wicked, ridiculous, useless, or unmeaning. Hence they are not on the same plane with mere wonders, tricks works of ingenuity, or magic. The efficacy, usefulness, purpose of the work and the manner of performing it clearly show that it must be ascribed to Divine power. This high standing and dignity of the miracle is shown, e.g., in the miracles of Moses (Exodus 7-10), of Elias (1 Kings 18:21-38), of Eliseus (2 Kings 5). The multitudes glorified God at the cure of the paralytic (Matthew 9:8), of the blind man (Luke 18:43), at the miracles of Christ in general (Matthew 15:31, Luke 19:37), as at the cure of the lame man by St. Peter (Acts 4:21). Hence miracles are signs of the supernatural world and our connection with it.

This does not say that God does not repair physical defects but that He does not perform miracles simply in order to repair physical defects. He performs miracles to show His power, His glory, His supernatural presence in our world.

The article you cited goes on to list a number of accounts of post-biblical miracles. The Church has recognized hundreds of miracles since the books of the Bible were written. Modern miracles of cures continue to be attested to by the Church, particularly in her process of canonization of saints. Almost always she requires that at least two miracles be attributed to the intercession of a potential saint before she recognizes that person as such. The Church does intensive investigations of these miracles before accepting them.

So, in answer to your question: Yes, miraculous healings happen today.

I suggest you take a look at some of the healing miracles that have recently been approved. Pope John Paul II was canonized based upon attribution of a cure for Parkinson’s disease and a brain aneurysm. Neither of which go away by themselves. Parkinson’s is in fact incurable.

Similarly many of the approximately 70 miraculous cures recognized at Lourdes were of “incurable” conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and the effects of a stroke, ie. brain damage.

Here are records of miraculous medical cures:,d.eXY&cad=rja

I still don’t comprehend,because the article states directly that “Hence they are not performed by God to repair physical defects in His creation”
That sounds very matter of fact that God doesn’t repair physical defects.

I still don’t comprehend.
That sounds very matter of fact that God doesn’t repair physical defects.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. Check out the links in my post, these are actual Church Approved Miraculous Healings. The facts speak better than the attempts at explanations.

The important word in your quote is “HENCE” This is an old-timey word for therefore. IOW, this is not a REASON God would perform a miracle. But there ARE other reasons God might perform a miracle which would include repairing a physical defect.

It seems to me that “physical defects”, referred to in that article, might include things like cleft palate, Down Syndrome, deformities of limbs, etc., which are far less likely to be miraculously cured. Sure, Jesus cured people like these, including a man that was blind from birth. But, these kinds of cures are very rare in the accounts of most miracles performed by saints in the many centuries that have passed since Biblical times. However, there have been some notable exceptions to that rule. Padré Pio (my forum ID pic) cured a blind girl, Gemma di Giorgi, that was born with no pupils in her eyes. So, it’s certainly not impossible for God to even heal birth defects, if He’s so inclined to do it and it serves His purpose.

Why would there even be any physical defects in ANY of Gods creations? Goes with the old saying ‘God dont make no junk’ (meant for young kids)…I used to see posters of this everywhere at our parish growing up, but havent seen them since the early 80s, I thought about this and well, its not true, he DOES make people with VERY serious defects, and some were born with these defects, so no fault of their own…?

I know its said God literally breathes life into every fetus, but to see some of the ‘defects’ people have been born with, it almost seems like defects that happen on a mass production factory line versus a human birth, that is supposed to be a very special thing, created by God himself.

Here is a great article about miracles from Strange Notions. One of the best sites for apologetics. Even atheists there are civilized so discussions are fruitful sometimes.

One of the things that people seem to forget, or were possibly never taught, is that this world has changed dramatically since it was first created by God.

What changed the world and caused all of these abnormalities that we see in it, now? Sin. Plain and simple. Sin is caused by evil, which causes more sin, and even more evil and sin. It’s a vicious cycle that spreads all across the whole world. It effects everything in the world, and causes it to become twisted and deformed, in the same way the fallen angels were deformed into hideous demons by their sin. The more sin continues to happen, and evil spreads, the more twisted and deformed this world becomes.

So, it’s not God that creates the defective things in this world, like deformed babies. God infuses a beautiful soul into the body of a child, but the physical part of that child is a product of this imperfect and sinful world. Please, don’t blame God for something that was caused by all of us. It’s not His fault. It’s ours. Doesn’t it make you wonder how He could possibly still love us, after all we’ve done to His beautiful creation? But, He does.

If He can do it, why is it so rare?

I think the OP wants to know if Go has ever cured Alzheimer’s, Downs etc. And if not, why not?

I just read about a three years old on Facebook with a syndrome called Syndrome X, that prevents her from aging. Just another example of the conditions people have that cant be cured.

I had a miraculous healing. I didn’t see it a such at the time, but the doctor did. He didn’t understand why I didn’t understand. but I didn’t understand.

I didn’t pray or know anything about God at that time. After it happened, I left the doctor’s office…I wasn’t even grateful that I recall. What I was, was RELIEVED.

It was a horrible welding burn covering the palm of my hand and my fingers. I was delayed getting ice and/or getting to the doctor. It was horrific.

They scrubbed (excruciating), shot me full of pain stuff and wrapped my hand in a big bandage.

They told me when it healed, the hand would curl in and be unusable, most likely. I might have some luck with physical therapy, it depended on how it healed. They also told me if it got infected, they would have to amputate, immediately, to save my life. I was in my 20’s.

The next day, I went back to the doctor so he could check for infection, clean and rebandage. He unwrapped my hand and there was nothing on it.

He was flabbergasted. I was confused. Like it was a dream or something. He questioned me…what did you do?


He had the people in the office come and look at my hand. The nurse who scrubbed it the day before. They were speechless.

I was emotionless. I couldn’t tell you why. I’m not too bright?

Anyway, I was also embarrassed. “If there is nothing there, does this mean I can go?”

They didn’t know what to make of me…I didn’t know the doctor. I got to know him. I saw him for some years, until left that town. I didn’t think about this at all for at least 12 or 15 years.

I still don’t know what to think about it, but here’s my point:

Miracles happen, but maybe they happen like this one did. To people who are oblivious.

This happened about 25 years ago, I still don’t know why, other than I had some work to do and I needed my hand to do it.

Back then, I was working my way up from being homeless and supporting my mother. In fact, I had just bought her a house and then one for myself. I needed that hand, really bad. That’s why I was so terrified. I had two house payments to cover and I needed my hand!

I’ve also written for years now, so maybe that’s why God did it. So I could write. Maybe something important some day. I think He just saw that I needed my hand really badly and so He showed me this mercy.

Fifteen years passed before I thanked Him. I’m sorry, but I just didn’t know any better.


This was healed a day after the accident? That is miraculous.

Yes. There was nothing on my hand at all. Not a spot. The doctor dumped the basin of blue disinfectant he intended to soak my hand in, down the sink. I left with a plain hand. Plus I worked all day with that big mitt on, against his orders. Dirty work I drove a route truck. Two handed job!

So I burned my hand about 2 pm. It was clear when they unwrapped it then next day, about 3 pm.

I left the office and went to the warehouse to load my truck with two hands. I was happy. Thought I got away with something or that it was lucky. I did not think about God. I did not think about a miracle, though the doctor did.

He could not get me to react. I had a hard day working with one hand, worried for my future…and my mother’s. So I just wanted to get out of there and get back to work.

I had to tell people who saw my hand bandaged, or saw me when the accident happened, I was okay. But after a day or so, I never thought of this again for at least a dozen years.

What I’m saying is true. The doctor is still practicing. I sure he remembers me. I was an infamous character in a small town.

He said he’d heard of miracles (medical), but never seen one before. He thanked me…I just felt embarrassed. I saw no reason to be in his office. There was nothing on my hand. I guess I was embarrassed because it was a big scene the day before, and now look. Nothing. I really thought I should just go to work so that’s what I did, as soon as I could be excused!

I really don’t know why. All I can do is speculate that God allows some of these things to happen for a reason that we can’t understand. God can use evil against itself, and turn anything evil that happens in this world, into something much better. It has to frustrate the hell out of the devil when he sees his evil work turn into something good, that ends up glorifying God in some way that he didn’t plan on. So, I’m pretty happy about that part of it.

All the suffering that Jesus endured on the cross, was turned into our salvation, so maybe we need to think about that whenever we see someone going through a lot of suffering in their lives. Human beings are repulsed and terrified at the very thought of suffering, so was Jesus. But, if we try to think about it from Jesus’ perspective, it might make it a little easier to accept when it happens to us.

That’s a pretty amazing story! Is it possible that someone might have prayed for you to be healed? Was your mother a religious person, or anyone else around you, maybe a member of your family, that might have been inclined to pray for you? It might have been someone you didn’t even know, that heard about what happened to you. Either way, you were probably healed because God knew that you needed to continue to work, so you could take care of your Mom. That’s cool! :cool:

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