Do Modernists and Cafeteria catholics dislike the Divine Mercy Devotion?


And how pray tell do you intend to “free sinners from the horrors of their sins”?


You seem to be saying Modernists don’t try hard enough to free gay people from their sin of having gay sex. Even if we assume this is true, how does this translate to Modernists rejecting the Divine Mercy? It would seem like Modernists are instead just expecting God to be merciful to gay people who have gay sex, perhaps due to God understanding that the act is motivated by biology and/or love.


IRL, modernists and cafeteria Catholics I know aren’t aware of it. Divine Mercy flies right under their radar.


To be honest, the main reason I think it is popular with some Modernists around here is

  • it’s relatively new rather than being something “old ladies” said like the dreaded Rosary
  • it’s also shorter than the Rosary and you get done a lot faster


You seem to focus yourself on pointing out the sins of others, which shows that the meaning of Divine Mercy flies over your head.



With the help of the Holy Ghost.


Well, if the modernists actually knew the message of Divine Mercy and read the Diary of St. Faustina, well, their view of the Divine Mercy would change dramatically. In fact one of the modernist I know, who doesn’t like the Divine Mercy Devotion, the way she put it was, she flat at said she doesn’t like St, Faustina!


I just read a bit of St. Faustina’s diary this morning, and the part I read included an emphasis on praying for the conversion of poor sinners! Look, if you’re not interested in helping free poor sinners from the horrible state they are in, I’m not going to bother arguing with you. I don’t need to be reminded that the Church full of people who are so unwelcoming to poor sinners, and won’t show them God’s love and mercy!

Poor sinners indeed!


Hi guys. This discussion s very interesting. I’m not a Catholic, but I do want to find out all I can about the faith.
I presume Cafeteria Christians are those who pick and choose what they want to believe instead of embracing the whole?


Yes, that is correct.


There’s a difference between praying for poor sinners and pointing at others being the sinners you’re posting about.

The former is an act of love and compassion, the latter is merely self-serving ego.



It’s extremely hypocritical for one to preach against pointing out the sins, one has just done that twice. Especially considering I have made fairly clear in last post that I am not doing that, but rather the opposite!

I was a bit concerned that I may have been too harsh in my last post, however, after seeing your response and attitude to my post, I’m not concerned about that anymore. I like I’ve said, I have no desire to be reminded that there are people in the Church who have no desire to welcome sinners into a beautiful life of God’s Love and Mercy but instead leave them abandoned, out in the cold! I’m trying to avoid such negative things, so please quit pestering me with your shallow views!


It would not be good for a doctor to tell a man with a dangerous disease “nothing wrong.” So likewise the Church has to give it to us straight so we can be healed.


Quite right! :+1:


I have a friend who is a traditional Catholic like myself but goes to the extreme sides with the SSPX Resistance and groups like them.

He doesn’t like the Divine Mercy devotion because it was rejected by according to him three Pope’s.

It was actually two Pope’s and was poorly translated.

He also rejects it because Sr Faustina grabbed the host and this is prior to the changes in America and a few other countries where they legalized an illegal disobedience of communion in the hand.

He ask my why Sr Faustina didn’t know about the Fatima children.

The last question he ask me I think is kinda dumb because the message is overall the same and course she wouldn’t know about the three Fatima children she lived in Poland as a cloistered nun.


lol, don’t worry, if you have read St Faustina’s diary you wouldn’t have posted anything like this.

God Bless

Thank you for reading.


Exactly, and that’s the problem, because Divine Mercy can’t work when we think we are saints, the more we are real with ourselves and God, the more Divine Mercy works.

God Bless

Thank you for reading.


Exactly, and then that’s when Divine Mercy comes in.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


But to be fair, she was upset about it, and Christ in the Host fell from the communion plate too, so it’s not like she received Him like that. And Christ consoled her over it too.

God Bless You


I guess I’m a rad trad to an extent but I really like Divine Mercy Sunday.

I’m not big on the devotion but I do have a painting and an icon that I really appreciate and like.

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