Do more women wear veils on Good Friday (?)

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I’m a total newbie so forgive me if this is a silly question or in the wrong forum.

I was reading about Good Friday traditions and have read in several places that it is customary for women to wear veils to church on Good Friday. Have any of you noticed more women wearing a head covering on Good Friday than you normally see? I’m sure it depends on the local custom and region, but is this something you’ve heard of/experienced before? I’m new to my region and to the church, so I have no idea what to expect. :shrug:


Not in our little parish. No veils at all except this one lady. But she doesn’t show up all the time.

In my church hats, veils and even some headbands with decoration are worn. It is not a majority, but a sprinkling. What ever suits your fancy! This also goes for Sunday mass. I think that it depends on the diocese and the individual parish. I see such head coverings at other parishes nearby as well. I think that it is a personal decision. Hope that this helps. :slight_smile:

PS If it is a TLM mass then yes, just about everyone has some sort of head covering.

One thing I do notice (and like) about Good Friday is that many people attend a different church than usual. This is because they dash over during the work day (employers are supposed to allow this in the USA), and then go back to work. So they attend a church close to work rather than the usual parish close to their home.

Also, people tend to “come as they are” - lots of workmen in work clothing, people in scrubs, and so forth sitting next to business people in suits. For the rest of us - we see more people in jeans and sweatshirts ducking in fast. Our parish has Good Friday at noon to help with people getting off work. We are in a rural location, so lots of field workers in jeans and flannel shirts covered in dirt.

I used to work in San Francisco, and Good Friday at the Cathedral was a huge mix of people. And very beautiful - the parts were nearly all sung by opera singers.

Wow. That is kind of like our noon masses during the week! Our service,“Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion” starts at 3:00 pm. Confession is available before and afterwards. Then tonight are the Stations of the Cross at 7:30. :slight_smile: I think that it would be fun to attend another parish sometime.

Attending other parishes is a lot of fun! I used to go to one close to work when the time fit my schedule. It was a deaf parish! Even neater, it used to be a mission parish for Asian missions, and it had lovely carved artwork that was all Asian in style. All the statues had Asian features - even Mary and Joseph!

The other unusual thing was the Pastor was used to doing totally silent Mass. But at the afternoon Mass, there were hearing folks like me who just found the Mass convenient. So for some reason, the Pastor felt obliged to provide music for us and insisted on carrying a boom-box, setting it up at the back and then processed to it. I know, I know… this is against the rubrics. But he was so proud to provide that bit of sound at the very beginning of Mass.

And even if there were no deaf parishioners, he always signed while he spoke the Mass.

The boom-box went off after one song, and when he processed out (he had no altar servers or lectors), he scooped it up and deposited it back in the vestry.

There were many interesting Churches in San Francisco when I worked there. I enjoyed visiting so many of them for daily Mass. And when my husband and I were off on weekends and site-seeing, we’d drop everything when we saw a Church about to begin Mass.

I don’t wear a veil ever.

I attend Latin Mass and we have at least a dozen women wearing mantillas.

I did not see a single head covering, and our church that seats over 800 was packed at 3:00pm.

Yes to both questions. In the case of veils, the only time I have seen them in my Church is on Good Friday. In the case of head coverings in general, some woman do where them throughout the year, but it is a small number and appears to be cultural.

I’ve never seen head coverings at Church ever. Seriously.

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