Do Mormons Believe in "God?"

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid or antagonistic question. My understanding is that Mormons belive in a very literal divinization whereby men actually literally become gods themselves. Secondly, it is taught that there is a “Heavenly Mother” who is the spouse of God, whose copulation with God is the manner in which all human souls are generated. I currently know next to nothing about Mormonism so I hope some Mormon posters can give me their perspective.

Do humans through divinization become identical in essence to God?

What about God distinguishes him from his creation so that Mormons can say, “we believe in one God?”

Is there a being higher than the God of the Bible that is the originator of the God of the Bible?

They don’t believe in the trinity so at the very least their understanding of G-d has to be different.

The correct answer is no. They believe in a being they call “God”, but it is a morphed humanized able -to-put-in-a-box God. It is a god who was once a sinful who had a father who was a god who was once a sinful man, etc etc etc. His children were Satan and Jesus, who were brothers. He had actual sex with Mary in order for Mary to become pregnant with Jesus.

As you can see, this is NOT the true God.

Also agree that Mormons do not believe in God. They call their Heavenly Father God, but he is not God. They believe that the God of the Old Testament is Jesus, aka Jehovah. Your understanding as you described it is correct.

There is an infinite regression of generations of gods. Heavenly Father has a physical, glorified body of flesh and bone (no blood). He is the father of the spirits of Jesus, Lucifer and the rest of us. Heavenly Mother is also somehow involved. She is also glorified but not worshiped or adored by any of her spirit children. We are not allowed to know much about her other than her existence. If we live worthy to be “exalted”, we become like Heavenly Father. This is generally understood to mean we have our own spirit children with our eternal spouses and eventually organize new planets for them to have their own bodies, etc.

I think the best way to describe Mormon beliefs of God and divinization is that it is like an MLM. We are on this earth to achieve the rank of “god”. Earlier generations of gods have already achieved that rank and are higher in the hierarchy. Heavenly Father is our head god and we are still under him even after we achieve godhood.

When I was in high school, I went through an agnostic phase and eventually reasoned my way to believing in God. I used classical philosophy without realizing that was what I was doing. Because I was raised Mormon, I made the mistake of believing that Heavenly Father is God. When I learned that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, I realized that Heavenly Father is not God. When I finally understood that, I was able to find my way to the Catholic Church rather quickly. Some ex Mormons I know think I am a deluded fool for seemingly jumping to Catholicism so quickly. It’s only been a 20 year journey to get here. I just didn’t realize I was on that journey and that God has been calling me home that whole time.

I think a lot of Mormons make that same mistake. They mistakenly believe Heavenly Father is God. If you talk to your average Mormon on the street, they will tell you they believe in God without knowing what you actually mean when you say God. Mormons really speak a different language. They use the same words like God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit but they mean something entirely different.

Not in the God of the Bible. They favor the version that Joseph Smith created. A god that is a glorified human being that is not eternal and all-powerful - meaning he is subject to laws of the universe and can’t create something out of nothing. He can only organize and build…kinda like what my kids do with Legos.

First, no, not really, Mormons don’t believe in God or even, in a matter
of speaking, a god. They believe in supermen, exalted creations.

Second, Mormons may talk about Heavenly Mother, but in truth, Mormon
Doctrine rather, there are many heavenly mothers, ol’ Mormon god of this
world likes many wives.

Third, Mormons don’t believe in One God, which ultimately separates them
from the Abrahamic family of religions, not even Islam dared to go that far.

And Fourth, there is no real (clearing throat) hierarchy of gods, except maybe
the females who’s sake is to ‘please’ their polygamous husbands and produce
many many spirit babies, they MIGHT count as lower.

As for the gods, I believe they’re all equal.

Mormons would think yes they believe in God, but as I see it no. They do not believe in the Holy Trinity, 3 different gods instead.

The theology of who the mormom god is sounds like Greek Mythology to me as gods getting married, having children and being from a divine father and human mother.

The LDS may say different but they believe in multiple gods. So to our lds readers, can you please answer the following honestly according to your doctrines.

  1. Smith is now a god?
  2. All men that have followed smith and his teachings are now gods?
  3. Your god has a father and so on and so forth?

If you can answer with a simple yes then you in fact do not believe in 1 god, but many. But in all fairness, you do believe in your own god. And if you answer yes, then one has to ask “are you really Christians”?

  1. In Mormonism, Smith is a god now with his many wives.

  2. Used to be that you had to have many wives, but now you just have to go to the
    temple, do masonic-based rite, pay 10% of your annual income, obey all the com-
    mandments, wear your magic undergarments for all the days of your life . . . yeah,
    just a crazy mess of stuff.

  3. The Mormon god had a father, who is his spiritual brother, both begotten by their spirit-
    ual father, who’s a god who had a father who is his spiritual brother begotten by their spir-
    itual father who’s a god . . . and yada, yada, yadayada . . .

Hit the nail right on the head! The Mormon god falls more on the lines of Greek mythology, each god possessing a little of this or a little of that.

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