Do Mormons believe in many gods, believing each planet has its own god and that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are three gods?

I posted that video, just a few weeks ago (or was that days? This social isolation is affecting my sense of time. It was on these forums, though, and on another thread). Mormons keep trying to get it removed, and some have succeeded-temporarily. Yes, ‘lying for the lord’ is well-known in LDS circles.

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Without lying and withholding the truth, Mormonism never would have flourished.

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That’s why Joe destroyed the Nauvoo Expositor.

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If you notice, the leadership of the church has tried to do that with the internet, but they’ve realized it’s impossible.

Like I mentioned above, if you don’t fear the truth, you don’t care about people investigating it. When you fear the truth, you try to forbid it. Catholics don’t care about discussing the Protestant Reformation because we are confident in the truth. Mormons are terrified of discussing the truth.


What are those copper disks ( or something similar) that Joseph Smith supposedly found…where are they…has anyone seen them…what did they contain…why doesn’t the church show them…seems suspicious

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Lost 116 pages I’m more curious about this, myself.

Do you mean the Kinderhook plates? Someone set Joseph up, making up a known fraud. They were, I believe, accepted by the church for a while. I don’t know if Joseph 'fessed up, or not, but the church today doesn’t accept them. However, they still keep them…don’t know why.

What’s your curiosity?

Not so much what happened to the lost pages (I am pretty sure they were burnt), but what they said.

We will never know.

This is the best explanation I’ve seen.

You’re right about the ‘official’ versions of Mormon history. Although they do surprise us, sometimes; in 2014, they released a story chronicling Joseph’s marriages. In fact, they overdid things, as most sources verify 33 wives, while the LDS story says ‘between 30and 40’ wives. I guess they have a system…maybe one truth makes up for 100 lies…maybe a million?

An interesting story is about an early apostle…named Marsh, I believe. He left the church when most members lived in Missouri, and a violent sub-group Called the Danites emerged…some of their actions approved by Joseph (and, later, by Brigham), others supposedly not. Anyhow, the governor took things a bit far with the Mormon extermination order (an actual document signed into law, although the Mormons themselves were doing their part in ‘exterminating.’

Mr. Marsh reported some of these acts of violence, after leaving the church. A story was spread that he left because his wife was unfair in selling milk to another Mormon woman, saving the ‘strippings’ (aka cream) of her cows’ milk. The Marshes kept appealing Mrs. Marsh’s conviction, all to authorities and groups within the church. Mind you, this happened before 1860, and one of the groups cited was the Home Teachers, who weren’t even organized until the 1960s!

After a long period of trial and Poverty, Mr. Marsh applied to re-join the church. Brigham, with ‘Christian’ charity, let the members vote on it, saying it would be kind if they were charitable and followed his lead.

Marsh did communicate to the governor of Missouri, complaining about the Danite sect. But the story that lives on is the ‘milk and cream’ story. Now, the church does keep it’s archives well…even the embarrassing ones. But there is no mention of a church trial concerning milk and cream, or 'milk stripping’s ’ as it’s commonly known. Since there has been television, there have been ‘prophets’ telling the tale at general conferences. They seem to want to keep it, as it discourages investigation! What have we been discussing, on half this thread???

Well, it also shows what isolation can do to a mind. Please…all of you…stay safe! And God bless!!!


The story, as it was told in about 2011. It was too late to edit.

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They surprised me by admitting that Joey Smith married a “girl just shy of her 15th birthday”. I found that to be so slimy-him marrying her was repulsive and disgusting, and the way the church tried to white wash it was just so dirty.

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Wasn’t there another one where Joe and his wife wanted to swing with William Law and his wife and got turned down? I think that precipitated him getting excommunicated and being part of the ultimate demise of Smith. Ties to the Nauvoo expositor or something. I don’t remember the details. I just thought I had heard something crazy like that.

I’ve heard it, too…in some sort of documentary. Supposedly, Emma was so tired of Joseph’s frequent absences (and, affairs with other women…although I think this reason in better hidden), that she asked for a second ‘husband’ for her to be with when Joseph had to ‘go away on business.’ Joseph kind of liked Law’s wife, and made the proposal. The Laws, staunch Mormons as they were, turned them down. I don’t know whether it was an official excommunication, or if their reputations were merely ruined, as Joseph would do to women and girls who turned him down. He even did this with the daughter of Sidney Rigdon, who opened Kirtland, OH, to the Mormons, after the upstate New Yorkers had had enough of them! Not gratitude, I’m sure.

Joseph lured Nancy Rigdon into a room, locked the door, and began ‘explaining’ the doctrine of plural marriage to the 19-year-old girl. He later wrote to her, asking her to keep this conversation between them. When her father, who was still highly respected in LDS circles, questioned him, he told him it was a ‘test of her virtue’, which she had passed well. But soon, rumors began to be spread about her, and, within a few years, she married a non-Mormon man, and moved out of state!

So, it seems, if Joseph couldn’t get someone involved in a shady practice of his, he’d see that they were either excommunicated, or their reputations would be made suspect. And this man bragged about being able to keep a church together better than anyone in history, supposedly even Jesus.

Personally, I’m no fan of his methods!

I forgot so many of these stories. Now that I’m remembering them, and looking them up to ‘verify’, its so interesting! And my state will most likely be shut down for another month, at the least! Maybe I should write a thank-you note to LDS headquarters???


Maybe so. I didn’t know the details but I found this video to be very informational. From a guy who knows a ton about the Mormonite church from the inside.

Yes, I’d take this guy’s word over my own, although many of the stories, of Mormon necessity, remain murky. What does seem true, is that both the Laws hated the idea of polygamy. And, this, inadvertently, led to Joseph getting killed.

But then, if that is so true, I wonder why Law is treated as ‘kindly’ as he is, in official LDS documents. Who knows for sure?

Hope all is going well for everyone here. This social isolation is certainly effecting my choice in reading material!


Not much changed for us. I have always homeschooled my kids, so them being home is normal. Hubby worked at home for about 7-8 weeks, but is back to the office. Life is good!

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I do a lot of research especially since everything is shut down. I was under the impression that he was treated just the opposite among the Mormons. But I’m learning …

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