Do Mormons believe that God was once a man?


:confused: I would like to know if the Mormon Church believes or teaches that God was once a man?


Yes, they do.

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Paul: But where is it in their “official doctrine”? I can find all kinds of references in several different LDS books but mormons are saying its not offical. If you know where to look please let me know. That would be appreciated!:slight_smile:


That’s the problem. Mormons have no official doctrine. They can plausibly deny any doctrine that people find offensive, in order to maximize membership (and tithe-paying). They will point you towards the Book of Mormon as official doctrine, but the real core Mormon doctrines cannot be found in the BoM. The BoM is very 19th century Protestant in it’s doctrine. Joseph Smith departed from that doctrine very early on.



They will point you towards the Book of Mormon as representiive of their doctrine, but the real core Mormon doctrines cannot be found in the BoM. The BoM is very 19th century Protestant in it’s doctrine. Joseph Smith departed from those doctrines very early on.

One example is the teaching that God the Father was once a man who lived on an earth similar to our own and progressed to godhood (and is still progressing). This teaching, along with the corallary doctrine that Mormon men can also become gods and rule and populate their own planets is also not in the BoM.

Another is that there is not only one God (as the BoM and the Bible stress very strongly), but that God the Father is just one of billions of gods who used to be humans, and that Jesus and the Holy Ghost are also gods but are not the same god as the Mormon “heavenly father”, but are rather two of his favorite “spirit children”.

Polygamy, baptism for the dead and secret temple ceremonies (complete with Masonic handshakes, blood oaths and secret passwords) are also not in the BoM. Sacred underwear with Masonic symbols on them is not in the BoM.

The weird thing is that these days, many Mormons are unaware of these doctrines or are ashamed to admit to them, whereas when I was Mormon (1975 - 1986) every Mormon knew these things and proudly proclaimed them (except the secret temple ceremonies, which they promised not to reveal, at the cost of their lives).



A Mormon friend of mine told me that God was once human and is confined to a body. I find it all very strange…


It seems our Mormon friends are avoiding this thread’s question like a 4th grade boy afraid of catching cooties:eek:

But then again, when a direct question about Mormon belief is asked, and all the posters stay the course, Puxatawney Phil keeps his head down and it’s four more weeks of winter for Mormon apologetics!

[Love mixing those metaphors!]

Pax Christi


Oh my… Mormons are avoiding this as I had expected. It’s because they have answers for their beliefs but that have nothing to back it up with. Except…well they have faith…:rolleyes:


Thats what I thought… (there isn’t any official doctrine) I’m aware of everything that you have posted. What I’m finding out is that alot of things have changed over the years but the leaders are not letting thier members know unless its a conflict (or in the news).:stuck_out_tongue: or sometimes The First Presidentcy briefly mentions something and throws it under the rug…:rolleyes:
Example: I asked my sister (who is a Mormon and lives in Utah) if she felt that McConkies "Mormon Doctrine " book was an official doctrine of the church and she said yes it always has been. I told her not thats not what the church is saying now and she was "Very Surprised " because thats not what they are told in church.


Their belief of God is the same one Muslims always accuse Christians of having… that God’s entire essence was confined to the form of a creature. Later on, they believe, that man worked his way up to divinity so now he’s the ultimate “God”. (under what power was he able to do this, you would wonder?)


In answer to the op, yes, they do.


Be patient. Zerinus has to have time to ask his seminary teacher for the answer. :wink:


Yes, they absolutely do. Except the current leader of the Mormon Church, Gordon B. Hinkley, has denied it in two separate interviews when asked directly:,9171,986794,00.html

You would think the prophet would know the teachings of his own church…


You would think the prophet would know the teachings of his own church…

He knows.
What does that tell you about a “prophet” that lies about his own faith? For that matter, what does it say about that religion itself?


Oh man, a form of a creature?:eek: Thats just weird!
Your right how was God able to do all this? Maybe Joseph Smith was his helper back then…(haha):stuck_out_tongue:


:)GOOD one Paul!! :rotfl: Bet Zerinus or any other Mormons cant answer the question and have some actual doctrine to back it up with…so they just avoid the thread.::yawn:


It’s disppointing, but certainly consistent with the way the Mormon Church proclaims its ever-changing truths.

I’ve heard some Mormons say in response to this question, “What difference does it make whether God was once a man as long as he is God now?” You see, they don’t even get how huge this issue is. It’s very important to know whether or not God was always God or was a created being who attained godhood, because now we are talking about two very different gods. In the LDS paradigm, God is really not all that unique or special. They don’t think of it that way, but that is the only conclusion one can draw from their view of a universe (or universes) filled with unlimited gods. Most LDS don’t think that deeply about it–to do so would probably cause many to question the truth of Mormonism, and Mormons don’t really do that too much.

And finally, having the most correct idea of God is crucial to having a true religion. If the LDS are wrong on this very basic question, one has to seriously question the validity of the rest of their religion.


Mormonism: the final, mutated fruit of the Protestant Reformation.

In Mormonism, we find:

  1. Personal saviorhood raised to new heights: God as man.

  2. Personal interpretation without bounds: rewriting scripture through yoking the common, mainstream meaning to a completely new and bizarre pantheology.

  3. Giving the OT equal to or more consideration and value than Jesus’ fulfilling of the Law: Curse of Cain; polygamy; eternal progression (a logical consequence of Calvinistic Predeterminism).

  4. A “literalist” approach when demanding Catholics to justify traditions and dogma, EXCEPT, when Catholics demand biblical proof for wild-hair mormon assertions and beliefs.


A second thought:

Mormons also believe God has a “divine consort” (Zerinus’ words).

Does this mean that out of all of his wives in a prior life, the Mormon god took only one to sire Satan and Jesus (another Mormon belief: they’re brothers and sons of this planet’s god)

(Translating the ‘golden tablets:’ :banghead: )


Good one!

However, are you sure that isn’t the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

…I’ve always thought the two should combine forces…

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